Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill Crankbaits

The Lucky Craft LC Silent Crankbaits are one of the latest additions to the LC series or square bill crankbaits - the first high quality plastic square bill crankbaits ever made. Quickly replacing traditional balsa cranks in tackle boxes everywhere, the LC Silent Crankbaits are constructed from a high floating plastic that is far more durable than wood. Offered in a petite profile, the LC Silent's excel when smaller baitfish are present and a more subtle presentation is needed, making them highly effective on pressured bass. Available in a range of Lucky Craft’s proven colors, the Lucky Craft LC Silent Crankbaits offer premium Japanese-made performance.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class
LC 3.5 3" 3/4oz 4-5ft Floating
LC 4.5 3.25" 3/4oz 4-5ft Floating
LC 5.5 3.5" 1-13/32oz 4-5ft Floating

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5 Colors

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    Model No. LC-3.5-270MSAS
    American Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3.5 5+ $14.99
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    Model No. LC-3-5-146
    TO Chart
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3.5 5+ $13.99
    4.5 5 $13.99
    5.5 2 $13.99
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    Model No. LC-3.5-137TOCR
    TO Craw
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3.5 5+ $13.99
    5.5 4 $13.99
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    Model No. LC-3.5-136TOGL
    TO Gill
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3.5 5+ $13.99
    5.5 5+ $13.99
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    Model No. LC-3.5-135TOSD
    TO Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3.5 5+ $13.99
    5.5 1 $13.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  love this bait. Best crank bait I have ever used. I now own many of these both silent and with rattles. My best producer is the 2.5 TO Gill silent. The hooks are perfect and every bail runs true right out of the box! They are pretty pricey but it's worth it. The KVD is no match in durability and quality.

From: Mike Z: Chesapeake, VA 7/24/15

Comments: Best action for a crankbait I have ever used in my life! no matter the time you can bet I have this tied on; well worth $15!!!

From: Chase: York,SC

Comments: Bought the crack and gum metal shad. With the big price I was hesitant to use but used it along rip-rap all day with son. The crank called out the bass and with floating capabilities didn't lose a bait. Got plenty of snags but let the crank float to get unstuck = incredible.

From: Poda: So. IL

Comments: Best crank bait on the market by far.Always catch fish on the anerican shad color

From: bassmaster: usa

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