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The SKT Mini MR represents one of the most highly rated finesse crankbaits in Lucky Craft's repertoire. The design began in 2003, when Lucky Craft pro, Skeet Reese won his first Bassmaster Tournament. Lucky Craft created this crankbait to fit Reese's fishing style and ability. One of the biggest advantages of this bait is its ability to get into the strike zone quickly when casting near structure or heavy cover. This crankbait features a unique tight wobble that will be effective for fishing in highly pressured lakes.

Lucky Craft  Length Weight Depth  Class  Hook 
S.K.T. Mini MR 2" 1/4oz 3-5ft  Floating  #5 

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5 Colors

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    Model No. MINI MR-270
    American Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    MR 05/14 $10.99
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    Model No. MINI MR-052
    Aurora Black
    Size Stock Price Qty
    MR 5+ $9.99
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    Model No. MINI MR-250
    Chartreuse Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    MR 07/14 $9.99
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    Model No. MINI MR-077
    Original Tennessee Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    MR 06/14 $9.99
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    Model No. MINI MR-070
    Spring Craw
    Size Stock Price Qty
    MR 5+ $9.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best spring crank bait! Especially slow rolling them threw pad stems. Ive won alot of tourneys with the flat mini sr models. Very underated baits! 

From: Frank Fritz:Green bay 1/24/17

Comments: I love to fish squarebill crankbaits and this is one of my favorites. I like the original Tennessee shad and Skeets baby bluegill. Trust me these things catch fish.

From: Hunter: NC

Comments: Excellent little bait.  It is tiny, but surpirisingly cast as well as most 3/8 ounce cranks I own.  This is a great crankbait for highly pressured water, and also when its slick calm.  Very good action, and it will come through cover like a squarebill (which it basically is).  Seems to dive pretty well for the bill size, bet I was getting 6 ft on 12 flouro on shorter casts.  Worth the money, just bought another one just in case.

From: Brad: TX

Comments: nice tight wobble with slow or fast retrieve. caught many large mouth with this crank. nice bite size for that prespawn bss

From: MA

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