Luhr Jensen Crippled Herring Spoons

Crippled Herrings from Luhr Jensen have been the "go to" jigging spoon for many anglers for a long time. The reason is, they are simple to use and they catch fish. These spoons are a little thicker than some flutter spoons on the market and fall a little faster. This makes them a better choice for suspended fish in the warmer months when a shiny lure flashing past their noses will produce a strike response and the fish have the energy to attack quickly. Vertical jigging is an easy technique to learn, just locate fish with your electronics and drop the lure to their depth and yank it up and let it fall. Of course, there's more to it than that; are the fish relating to the bottom structure, is there a school of bait nearby, are they actively feeding in a bait ball, do the fish want long pulls or short hops, and on and on. That's your job, our job is to give you the tools. Crippled Herring Spoons should be in the toolbox.

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    Model No. 4751-012-0013
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    1/2oz 5+ $3.99
    3/4oz 5+ $4.29
    1oz 12/09 $4.69
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    Model No. 4751-012-0087
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    1oz 5+ $4.69

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The new Crippled Herring Tech Sheet is "dead on" for the 1 oz size as a trolling lure. Very few trollers realize that this bait will far-outfish conventional trolling spoons in saltwater.
From: Pete, Port Angeles, WA, USA, 8/03

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