Lunker City Swimmin' Ribster 10pk

Lunker City Swimmin' Ribster 10pk

The ringed body of the Lunker City Swimmin’ Ribster allows it to project the appearance of a fat body swimbait, while still retaining a small core, ensuring maximum flexibility The Swimmin’ Ribster’s chubby front end is one of the keys to it's incredible swimming action. The contrast between the bulky anterior and the small diameter core of the posterior, serves to exaggerate the kick as the tail rotates and swings side-to-side. Also, the Swimmin’ Ribster solves the rigging issues associated with many ringed or ribbed swimbaits due to it’s bulkier core, reducing hook points from tearing loose or sliding. Available in a variety of colors, the Lunker City Swimmin’ Ribster works best when Texas-rigged, utilized as swim jig trailer, or rigged on a darter jighead.

Length Quantity
4" 10

13 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: One of the best swim baits. I rig it on a 4/0 EWG weighted swim bait hook & have had awesome results. Action is the same as the Keitechs, but these are much more durable and half the price. Pick up some in Green Pumpkin and you'll catch a lot of fish

From: Josh: GA 6/23/15

Comments: These are great swimbaits. The action is incredible and they're very durable. I love to fish them on a 3/0 belly weighted swimbait hook. Awesome bait

From: Josh: Newman, GA 5/9/15

Comments: This bait gets a lot of hits and lasts pretty good for its size and  thickness. I was fishing other stuff like soft craws and cranks and wasn't getting any bites,then this bait save the day for me,so far so good!

From: Charlie: Trenton,NJ,USA

Comments: Awesome action , rolls and paddles hard for its size. Bought this and the HAVOC-beat shad to compare....LC is way more durable, better paddle tail action, and softer.

From: Miguel: Roseville, MN

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