Lunker City Texposer Worm Hook 5pk - $3.49 to $3.99

Winner of the 1998 ICAST Best Of Show Award, the Lunker City Texposer Hook is perfect for soft stick-baits and all "Tex-posed" rigging. Featuring a chemically sharpened needle point hook, it also comes equipped with a perfect barb, and "slippery slick" black nickel finish. Still, it's the unique shape of the Texposer Hook that sets it apart … in particular, the "vertical gap bend" and the reverse angle of the offset. When you hook a fish with the Texposer - odds are - that fish is coming into the boat. The Lunker City Texposer Hook simply can’t be thrown.

Comments: Great hook but you should pinch the barb down because if swallowed it's very hard to get out without injuring the fish. It really doesn't need a barb because the sharp angle holds the fish fine. I wish they made a barb-less hook

From: Chuck: N. Bergen, NJ


From: Eric: WI

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Lunker City Texposer Worm Hook 5pk

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