Lunker City Wacky Weight 12pk - $3.29

Lunker City's new Wacky Weight provides anglers rigging their plastic baits "wacky style", with the means to quickly and conveniently add as much weight as conditions dictate. The patent pending LunkerGrip cones firmly anchor the weight in the soft plastic lure without distorting or tearing the plastic.

Just insert the appropriate sized Wacky Weight into the nose, tail, or both ends of your plastic bait as conditions and the mood of the fish dictate. We recommend the Spanky as an all purpose wacky rig bait, but everything from the Slug-Go to the Mud-Dog and WaterWidow is a candidate for wacky rigging with the Wacky Weight, as is most any soft plastic bait!

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Lunker City Wacky Weight 12pk

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