MC Swimbaits MC Shad - $4.59 to $4.89

The MC Swimbaits MC Shad offers a bite-sized baitfish profile that is paired with a specially designed square tail. The unique shape of the MC Swimbaits MC Shad’s tail gives it a vigorous, flickering action that looks incredible hopping along the bottom, on a steady retrieve, and especially on the drop. Additionally, the smaller size of the MC Swimbait MC Shad makes it ideal for a range of applications. Hand-poured and built with more than 18-years of bait-making experience, the MC Swimbaits MC Shad will make a welcomed addition to any angler’s tacklebox. 

Length Quantity
2.5" 10
3.5" 7

Comments: If you don't use any of these, than you are begging the game of finesse fishing. Nothing else compares to the action, durability, colors, or production of this bait. Rigged weightless is my favorite way to fish it because of how well it stays upright, but also love em as spinnerbaits trailers and run on an Alabama rig. (The 2.5 also catches trout) Give em a shot, you won't be disappointed!

From: Bryce: Trabuco Canyon, CA 3/6/14

Comments: These new MC Shadbaits are absolutely insane regardless of how you rig them. I have tried them on EWG 2/0-3/0's, darter & scrounger heads,and as trailers on my A-rigs and have had very, very good success using all these methods. I know several hardcore smallmouth & spotted bass guys that are losing their minds over this new bait!!

From: Oxnard/Ventura

Comments: bass  Fished the baby bass, hologram shad and perch on a 1/18th wt 3/0 wide gap hook bass loved it !  Can't wait to try it on a drop shot !

From: VO: AL

Comments: I have been fishing the MC shad lately and love it! the packaging is great all the way from the way the baits sit to how durable it is. second the bait swims very true even with out weight and the bait draws fish from every where its ridiculous. Corey has really out done him self with this bait, thanks again MC for making such a great product! 

From: Taylor: CA

Comments: Purchased a couple packs of some colors that looked good on the site. They look even better in person. If you have silversides in your lake the threadfin and T-shad will knock em. On a standard EWG hook they swim really nice both at a slow and fast retrieve. Put a couple on the A-rig and by far the best looking school of fish I've been able to duplicate. Very durable as already mentioned. MC has a winner here.

From: Adam: NorCal

Comments: I've been fishing the MC shad bait. Very impressed with the bait. Extremely durable and unique action. I've caught 15 fish up to 7 pounds on one bait.The packaging keeps the baits strait so every bait runs true. I would highly recommend using these baits for when the bass are schooled up on shad. 

From: Alex: Northern California

Comments: First cast on a boil at elcap reservoir caught two and half pounder.The key to this bait is that you can fly line it on a 1/0 or 2/0  offset hook and it runs straight and does not rool at all.Looks very natural in the water.

From: Mark: SAN DIEGO

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MC Swimbaits MC Shad

8 Available Colors

  • Baby Bass
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3.5" 5+ $4.59
  • Hologram Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    2.5" 3 $4.89
    3.5" 2 $4.59
  • Natural Threafin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3.5" 1 $4.59
  • Pepper Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    2.5" 5+ $4.89
    3.5" 5+ $4.59
  • Perch
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3.5" 5 $4.59
  • Smoke Trout
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3.5" 3 $4.59
  • Tennessee Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    2.5" 5 $4.89
    3.5" 5+ $4.59
  • White Lightning
    Size Stock Price Qty
    2.5" 3 $4.89
    3.5" 5+ $4.59

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