MESU Fishing Raptor Swim Jig

Combining elements from a traditional Texas-rig, wobble-head, and skirted jig, the MESU Raptor Swim Jig utilizes an innovative design that gives trailers more action, and anglers more fish. The secret behind the MESU Raptor Jig is its patent-pending free-hanging hook design. This free-swinging design gives the MESU Raptor Swim Jig all of the action of a wobble head and, unlike other jigs, allows for trailers to be Texas-rigged.

The innovative, patent-pending, free-hanging hook design even gives anglers the option to switch out the Lazer Trokar TK 120 4/0 hook if desired. For even more attraction, the head of the MESU Raptor Swim Jig is covered with a UV-reflective finish that grabs bass’ attention in deeper waters. It is also festooned with a premium skirting as well. Offered in a number of proven colors, the MESU Raptor Swim Jig takes aspects of design from a handful of techniques to give anglers one highly effective lure for tracking down bass. 

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bough the 1/4 oz in East Kansas Craw. The hook seems a bit oversize so I changed it out and put a Yum Dinger on as a trailer. At one point my biggest fish of the year was on this jig. It comes through grass and scum great which is crucial in the scum filled ponds I fish in.

From: Phil: Fort Collins, CO 6/20/16

Comments: Love this jig. Aside from punch rigs there are very few jigs I can use on the local weed mats, but this one has been great. Had much more success when I slowed down my retrieve.

From: SB: USA 7/5/15

Comments: Absolutely love it! I wish I could post a pic; got my personal best largemouth with the purple/pumpkin paired with a sweet beav. I'd much rather T-Rig like this lure allows than use a weed guard (I don't trust em). And with a Trokar hook, how can you go wrong?

From: Patrick: Milwaukee, WI 6/9/14

Comments: I am very excited that I can get these at warehouse now. I bought these the first time at a tournament on Grand Lake OK by FAR this is the best swim/flipping jig I have thrown.

From: Matt: Afton OK

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