Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill Series Swimbait

New and improved, the Ultimate Bluegill is the most realistic Bluegill bait ever made. It sits nose down like the original Mattlures Bluegill, but now it has pectoral fins that actually move with the bait. At rest they flair out and when that big female is inches away from it while its sitting in her bed, the fins will sway back and forth from her breathing on them.

When the bait is swimming the fins lay back against the side just like they are supposed to. It also features two tail options. The boot tail offers a killer swimming action, while the flat tail is not designed to swim, it's actually made to be fished like a jig or used as a bed bait. The pelvic fins have even been lengthened to the correct size, which really helps hide the stinger hook should you choose to use one. Available in a variety of realistic colors, the Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill is available at Tackle Warehouse.

Mattlures Length Weight Class
Ultimate Bluegill 5" 1.9oz Sinking

5 Colors

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    Female Bluegill
    Size Stock Qty
    Boot Tail 5+
    Flat Tail 4
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    Model No. MLUBG-BT-MALE BG
    Male Bluegill
    Size Stock Qty
    Boot Tail 5+
    Flat Tail 5+
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    Size Stock Qty
    Boot Tail 5+
    Flat Tail 2
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    Model No. MLUBG-BT-RED EAR
    Red-Ear Sunfish
    Size Stock Qty
    Boot Tail 5+
    Flat Tail 5
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    Model No. MLUBG-BT-TW GILL
    TW Baby Gill
    Size Stock Qty
    Boot Tail 5+
    Flat Tail 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome swimming action and color. love throwing them in beds and even in summer under piers for snook. need some mendit to go with it though great bait and just ordered 3 more. Also add a treble to the bottom for better hook ups.

From: Caeden: Texas 2/22/17

Comments: got one of these a while back. look so good in person. These baits flat out catch fish. Lots of big fish, but i do recommend a bottle of mend it to fix these little guys up after lots of fish. Definitely getting more.     

From: Caden: San Diego, CA 3/14/16

Comments: These baits catch fish for sure but if there's any northern pike in the water your fishing I would go with something different. Went through 2 of these in an afternoon. Caught a 8 pound pike on this lure within a couple casts & all that was left is the hook & lead. 

From: Ramsey: Bismarck, ND 2/28/16

Comments: Bait tore completely in half on me after 15 minutes of use. Don't try to skip this bait even the slightest bit because it will rip. Contacted Mattlures and they haven't gotten back to me. You have to skip bluegill baits often to get them into places where the bass are feeding on bluegills but that's not possible if your bait tears in half so easily

From: John: NJ 7/1/15

Comments: this is by far the best bluegill swimbait I've used. Matt does some great work on these baits I don't use them as a bed bait I use them like a huddleston or a baitsmith. I've cought 5 fish over 12lbs with these baits. There worth the money. Make sure to have plenty of mend it for these baits.

From: Austin: Atlanta, GA 9/11/14

Comments: Great bait. As long as you take proper care of them, they'll hold up. Lots of glue, and mendit. As a bed bait, these lures will drive fish out of their minds. Realistic as heck, and great for swimming and bedding. Very versatile. Love em love em love em. Pricey for a soft bait, but when you see the monsters you catch, it's worth every penny!

From: Chris: Mass

Comments: i have problems with this bait tearing, I recommend the hardgill series.

From: Lucas: Glasgow, KY

Comments: While it may be uncommon for swimbaits i like to use a weight right behind the hook. that way i can nose dive it right in like a 10 foot radius underneath (if i can see bed) then i poka around and i just pulled a 13 pounder out the other day on male bluegill color... bottom line. BUY THESE PRODUCTS!

Comments: I caught some bluegill while fishing for Bass at a private pond a couple weeks ago, when I got home I came here and ordered one of these. Glad I did. Twenty casts and five fish on this swimbait when I went back this weekend.

From:Sam: San Jose, CA

Comments:Female bass hate these guys, throw them on top of their beds and watch these little swim baits go to work.

From:Tim: Grayson, GA

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