Mattlures Upside Dead Stick

Mattlures Upside Dead Stick

Based upon the "big fish eat smaller fish" principle, the Mattlures Upside Dead Stick is designed to attract the largest and hungriest predators in the lake. Incredibly effective in fisheries that are freshly stocked, the Mattlures Upside Dead Stick is designed to replicate the few trout that didn't make it through the planting process – and usually the first to get eaten. 

As the name implies, the Mattlures Upside Dead Stick works with a true dead sticking action – just cast it out and let it bob in the ripples of the water. The Mattlures Upside Dead Stick is precisely weighted to produce a unique belly up appearance that sits just under the surface. Additionally, the white underside makes it very easy for anglers to spot from a distance. One of the most realistic trout imitations on the market, the Mattlures Upside Dead Stick also features extra soft fins that give it a subtle action that helps to sell its lifeless appearance. 

Although it may not be as action-packed as other techniques, there is no substitution for the grade of fish that the Mattlures Upside Dead Stick attracts. Also, with a second rod stamp and state regulations permitting, the Mattlures Upside Dead Stick can be used as a supplementary technique in non-tournament scenarios. Fitted with premium Owner trebles, the Mattlures Upside Dead Stick is perfect for targeting fish-of-a-lifetime that are too seasoned to fall for the everyday tactics.

Length Weight Class
13" 14.5oz  Topwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It works and it's nothing new. Guys have been fishing baits this way for years. If you do the huck it out, crack open a beer, read a book deal; you'll miss a lot of fish. Have the wind at your back, keeps the line tight, fish it in the right spots; it gets bit. Bass and Stripers. This bait just looks more realistic than what we've used in the past.

From: Ace: CA 3/25/14

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