McCoy McStopper 8pk - $3.99

These hard plastic beads are cut through the center and will open by pinching the outside with a pair of pliers, enabling you to thread them easily on your line. When the pressure is released they will close on the line and stay where you put them, allowing you to make an instant Carolina-rig. Thread any size bullet weight on the line; clamp a McCoy Stopper below it and you are ready to tie on a hook and fish Carolina style. We also feature the cylindrical shaped hard glass McCoy Carolina Beads with flat ends to give maximum clack on the weight. This system will allow you to create an instant Carolina-rig with lots of noise, and the only knot you will tie is at the hook.
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McCoy McStopper 8pk

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McCoy McStopper 8pk $3.99

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Comments: I love these. great bobber stops. I put a yellow bead between two of these  on a two to three foot leader and a slip bobber. Add a grub or a mimmic minno and catch bass crappie or blue gill. Just cast it out there and work it back. the bead lets you see how fast the lure is falling as you work it back.

From: Chuck: North Bergen, NJ

Comments: Great tool. I use them for slip bobber stops as well. Durable and easy to use. A+

From: Chuck: North Bergen, NJ

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