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McCoy Mean Green Braided Line - $17.99 to $20.99

The legendary McCoy Mean Green Monofilament line has a new friend; McCoy Mean Green Braided Line. The manufacturer claims this line is 15% stronger than any other Spectra braid with the same diameter, and has an incredible 5 times better abrasion resistance. This is very important when fishing around rocky structure where ordinary braided superlines can easily be cut. Like other Spectra lines, McCoy Spectra Superline is about 25% the diameter of the same test mono and has virtually no stretch, giving you far greater sensitivity and hooksetting power.

McCoy 10lb 20lb 30lb 50lb 65lb 80lb
Equivalent Mono Diameter 4lb 6lb 8lb 10lb 14lb 20lb

Comments: I rarely offer a review unless the product is something I love or hate. This product is the former. While I enjoy the freedom of online retailers, such as this fine site, little is offered outside of manufacturing claims. IÕm sick thinking of the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the years wasted buying into this grossly unregulated practice. This particular product came recommended by industry locals as that of which they never heard a complaint. So I tried it. They were right. While not the best for finesse tactics, and I wouldnÕt use it on a spinner, IÕve yet to find a braid offering such a wonderful compromise to general purpose usage. This stuff is tough. It casts well in wind, with no knots, no tip wrap, takes ink, and lays beautifully upon retrieve. Worth every cent.

From: Trio: NorCal

Comments: Love this braid. I use the 50lb for my frogs. Cast easy, super strong, and rips them out of the grass with ease.

From: Kyle: TX

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
McCoy Mean Green Braid 30lb 150yd $17.99 5+
McCoy Mean Green Braid 50lb 150yd $18.99 Out
McCoy Mean Green Braid 65lb 150yd $20.99 3