McCoy Xtra Clear Co-Polymer Line

McCoy Xtra Clear Co-Polymer Line

McCoy Xtra Clear Co-Polymer line has little memory for easy handling, casting and knot tying, has low stretch, and high knot strength. The new Penesil Saturation Process (PSP) results in long casts with less reel and rod guide friction.

Since 1935, "when winning is on the line, the winning line is McCoy!"

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
McCoy Xtra Clear 6lb 250yd $9.99 03/02
McCoy Xtra Clear 8lb 250yd $9.99 4
McCoy Xtra Clear 10lb 250yd $9.99 5+
McCoy Xtra Clear 12lb 250yd $9.99 5+
McCoy Xtra Clear 15lb 250yd $9.99 5+
McCoy Xtra Clear 8lb 1000yd $24.99 5+
McCoy Xtra Clear 10lb 1000yd $24.99 5+
McCoy Xtra Clear 12lb 1000yd $24.99 5+
McCoy Xtra Clear 15lb 900yd $24.99 5+
McCoy Xtra Clear 17lb 800yd $24.99 5+
McCoy Xtra Clear 20lb 700yd $22.99 5

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best Co-Poly out there. Low memory, Low stretch, Good abrasion resistance. All around great choice for those of us not willing to chuck out the extra coin for Fluoro and want a step up from Mono.I own bulk spools in 8lb , 12lb and 15lb and I Recommend it. 10/10  

From: Cole: Georgia 1/11/17

Comments: This line casts great and it has low memory. Other than that, I can't say anything else good about this line. I had this line break on me on all 6 fish I hooked. 2 were on the hook set at the knot, the rest broke somewhere between the hook and rod tip. I was using 10lbs clear. Very disappointed!

From: Sam: IA 8/22/15

Comments: I bought some 10 lb line based on the reviews & I have had the opposite experience of everyone else. Horrible abrasion resistance. Over two days I have never experienced so many breaks. None at the knot either. Maybe it was a bad spool but it cost me a few fish and lures.

From: Jim: OK 7/19/15

Comments: Awesome value line. Almost identical to Invivx. By that I mean it handles great with a whole lotta stretch. Still doesn't compare to Sunline Defier, but a heck of a lot cheaper.

From: Mark: USA 7/13/15

Comments:  I am impressed. I have used 20lb Xtra Clear for my pitching & flipping setups & it is has very little memory & strong as an ox! I am also using the 15lb Mean Green for my spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Casts a mile & little to no memory. I am a new McCoy's fan

From: Bill: Williamstown, NJ 7/7/15

Comments: Just bought the 20lb test and am very pleased. Using it for flipping and pitching. Has no virtually no memory. Will be getting some in 8lb and 15lb.

From: Bill: Williamstown, NJ 6/29/15

Comments: I drop shot year round with 10# on spinning reels. This line has it all. Low stretch and very low memory especially for spinning gear not to mention very tough to break. You will love this line on any of your reels. I promise.

From: Gary: Jonesboro, LA 9/30/14

Comments: The only line I use now.  No more fluorocarbon, no other copolymer.  This line does it all - low stretch, low memory, low visibility, great casting, at a reasonable price.  If you haven't tried it - don't hesitate - you won't be disappointed.

From: Kirk: Crossville, TN

Comments: I have only fished this line once and I'm very impressed. I was truly amazed about how far I could cast a 4" weightless Senko with the 10 pound test. To say this line is abrasive resistant, would be an understatement. When I got snagged on a rock with a football jig on 12 pound test, it took me 5 MINUTES to finally break the line,(if your wondering why I didn't just cut the line, I was "testing" it to see how it would hold up, it passed.) Tight Lines.

From: Elijah: Mystic, CT

Comments: A buddy of mine gave me some of this line and I have been hooked ever since.  I used the 15 pound line and never broke off.  I then wen to 12 pound and have hooked logs and tried to break it but bent the hook and it came out. Most sensative line I have used and switched from P-line fluoro because it doesn't break off on crankbaits like P-line did.  I will never use another line and I fish every weekend!

From: John: Tallahassee, FL, USA

Comments: Some of the best co-polymer out there. For the price you can not beat this stuff. I use the 20lb for jigs and other flipping baits and the 17lb for spinnerbaits and chatterbaits. Awesome stuff, very inexpensive so try a spool, you won't be disappointed.

From: TX

Comments: defently has more characteristics of fluoro then mono people say has alot stretch i dont feel hardly any stretch very aforable and very good line for the price buy 3-4 1000 yard spools a year and you would have problems

Comments: This is by far the best line on the market!! Super strong low stretch VERY low memory. Also very affordable to the average income angler!! I'll NEVER use any other line!

From: Joe: Quitman, LA

Comments: I dont see how anyone could fish this line and ever use anything else. No stretch as limp as line gets and it is affordable. Please try it

From: Josh: Irvine, KY

Comments: I fish tournaments every weekend and this is the best line I have ever used I use to use Seaguar and this line is so much better I will be using McCoy from now on 

From: Cody: Elkin, NC

Comments: Best Co-polymer line I've used by far.  Much better than P-line, both in regards to strength castability and abrasion resistance.  If you haven't tried this line yet, do your self a favor

From: TJ: Ozarks

Comments: I pick up this line on sale. And man was I suprised ! great line very limp and managable

From: Debeaux: Myrtle Beach, SC

Comments: Great Stuff! Forget using flouro this stuff does not stretch, extremley castable I've had only 1 break off in 2 seasons using the Xtra Clear.... Won serveral tournaments drop shoting with the 8lb and landed multiple 5-6 lbers I got to the 12 and 15 for spinner baits cranks and chatterbaits ... I use McCoys Mean green aswell from what I can tell they are the exact same line just differnet tints...

From: CJ: USA

Comments: I bought this line because it was on sale and it was worth every penny.  It was limp yet strong just as the description said.  Also castablity was great. Cought some 5-6lb bass on the 8lb test and it did its job.

From: Pao: Fresno, CA

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