Megabass Ito Shiner

Megabass Ito Shiner

Made with a slightly larger profile than the Megabass Vision 110, the Megabass Ito Shiner was originally developed to give Megabass prostaffers, Aaron Marten and Edwin Evers, a leg up on the competition. Now available to anglers all across the USA, the Megabass Ito Shiner is a serious threat to bass with its high-pitch rolling and erratic lunging action. Internally, the Megabass Ito Shiner is equipped with a tungsten weight-transfer system for increased casting distances, and 30% more side-to-side movement. Externally, the Megabass Ito Shiner is 5mm longer than the 110 and slightly taller, which gives it more surface area and, in turn, more flash. When you’ve got your limit and it's time to stop fooling around, tie on the Megabass Ito Shiner to put that money fish in the well. 

Megabass Length Weight Hook Class
Ito Shiner 4-1/2" 1/2oz #4 Suspending

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Pretty Fantastic! Casts better than a 110 and seems heavier? Hooks are amazing, you almost feel bad for the fish when you get them to the boat. they are all messed up (in a good way!!!) Just what I needed..another reason to give Megabass all my money but as always well worth it

From: Ricky: Oak Park, IL 1/25/15

Comments: Oh wow, this thing is nice. Great action and you can fling it to China. My first fish on it was about 9 inches, so don't let the size scare you. It's a Megabass bait, so you will have to pay to play.

From: Jay6: USA

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