Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jr. Jerkbait

Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jr. Jerkbait

Packed with the same tournament-winning characteristics as its big brother, the Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jr. Jerkbait features a scaled-down profile that works wonders around pressured bass. The Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jr. Jerkbait was designed from the ground up to deliver the same erratic darting action and devastating roll as the original 110. No matter how you work it on the retrieve, the petite Ito Vision 110 Jr. creates an enormous amount of flash that no bass can resist. The Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jr. Jerkbait also features a tungsten Multi-Way Moving Balancer System that allows anglers to produce long, bullet-like casts with precision and helps the bait balance perfectly on the pause. Offered in a range of tournament-winning colors, the Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jr. Jerkbait is perfect for matching the hatch and those times when finicky fish are unresponsive to larger baits. 

Megabass Length Weight Depth Class
Ito Vision 110 Jr. 3.85" 3/8oz 4-6ft Suspending

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13 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: WORTH EVERY DOLLAR! These are such fire jerkbaits! Picked up a Jr clown color after having good success on the regular 110 , and these things are hands down worth all 25 dollars! Took the clown color JR out on a 34 deg day ( high 40s water temp) and hooked up with a 4 and a 5 lber within a hour, end my year with a new PB! I will be spending a lot more money these cause they deff entice those biggins! Tho my regular 110 says its a slow rise, it has a slow fall, which Im hoping is just due to low water temps but that one produces quality too!

From: Ryan S: Chicagoland, IL 11/30/16

Comments: Amazing lure, great colors. Have caught 30+ largemouth in an outing to my farm pond on multiple occasions. Clear laker and elegy bone are my best producing colors. Even snagged a 40lb Amur in the tail and landed it after 45 min on 12 lb Vicious fluoro. only one scratch after that battle. But the hooks do scratch up the baits pretty good after a solid day of jerkin'

From: Kevin: OH 8/16/15

Comments: Excellent bait, I use it with 10-12lb Sunline Sniper FC Floro & a medium power rod and it'll flat catch em. Not convinced it's the best out there as that's situational but it is a very effective jerk bait.

From: Chuck: Lake Norman, NC 1/6/15

Comments: Picked one up to try and only had one rod with #14 fluoro. Still caught 5 in two hours during a mean cold spell.  2-5lb bass on two stained ponds. Definitely ordering more French pearl in various sizes. 

From: Dustin: Richmond, VA 11/23/14

Comments: WOW. Sick little ripbait that gets chomped. Yeah, it is allergic to bridge pilings, rocks, and dumb skis that slap the hell out of their bait on the water to clear it, but 99% of high end baits are. Buy one, you will buy more.

From: Jay6: USA 11/5/14

Comments: My favorite jerkbait hands down. Gotta love the super swift tail kicking action. Perfect on the pause with no wondering what so ever and just sits their suspended in the water column. Also, the colors are awesome, glad they added more in the Jr. since that's what I throw mostly for angry river smallies.

From: Matt: Bass City 8/12/14

Comments: Worth every penny. Best jerkbait in my opinion.

From: Mario: Discovery Bay, CA

Comments: Finally more colors selection to stock up. Maybe a bit expensive but is worth your dough. Great Jerkbait

From: Tony: North Highland

Comments: Hardest Lake I've ever fish. 15-20ft water visibility that day. Over 2hrs, no bite. Frustrated and BAMM! Nice SmallMouth. MegaBassJr. bail me out on a near skunk day. Had to leave after that fish cuz ski boats go crazy

From: Shimano: Sacto

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