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Megabass Rods Casting

  • Delivering awarding-winning performance and Japanese precision engineering, the Megabass Destroyer Phase 3 Casting Rods offer perfectly balanced technique specification with an unparalleled level of sensitivity.

  • Delivering unprecedented bass fishing performance, the Megabass Destroyer Evoluzion C40 Casting Rods are the result of relentless testing, refinement and engineering by Yuki Ito and the Megabass team.

  • Designed with the help of FLW Tour pro, Shinichi Fukae, the Megabass Destroyer Orochi X4 Casting Rods offer unbelievable technique-specific performance refined over years of tournament competition in the US and Japan.

  • Designed for one thing: catching world record bass. The Megabass Destroyer Black Jungle Casting Rods offer astounding technique specific performance that puts all other big game rods to shame.

  • The Megabass Destroyer X7 Series Casting Rods offer an unprecedented level of craftsmanship and attention-to-detail - from their ultra lightweight, frighteningly sensitive 7-axis Core Implex X7 Graphite blankst to their Megabass-exclusive Metacampo Reel Seats.

  • Purpose-built for tournaments where a single cast can make all the difference, the Megabass Orochi XX Casting Rods deliver advanced technological performance and incredible level of innovation and craftsmanship anglers have come to expect for Megabass.