Mend-It Glue

Mend-It Glue

Warning: This product is flammable and can not be shipped Air.

Mend-it is the first and still the best soft bait glue in the world. Mend-it dries clear, soft and strong in minutes. Mend-it perfectly repairs any soft plastic baits - from oily hand-poured worms to salty Senkos, tubes, creatures and swimbaits. Mend-it also won't stick to your fingers, clothing or carpet like other products, so you can safely use it anywhere.

Mend-it comes in a glass bottle with a brush applicator that makes precise repairs easy. Mend-it allows you to customize your soft baits and also works great for gluing and over-coating swimbait eyes. Mend-it is recommended by Black Dog Baits, JSJ Baits, Rago Baits, Little Creeper Baits and Mattlures. Watch Mend-it’s video and see how easy it is to make any torn bait as good as new.

Mend-It Glue Video

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Ever lose a flipper on a craw? Save those one armed bandits. I've been able to glue flippers back on. What I do is take a razor blade & slice into the body about 1/8" deep & 3/8" long. Slip an appendage (you cut off of a second one armed craw) into the slot. Paint one side of the seam with Mend-It, let it dry, flip the craw over & paint the other seam. As good as Power Bait Chigger Craw's are, they are kind of fragile & this really cuts down on the bottom line.

From: Jim: MN 9/18/16

Comments: It pays for itself quickly. no more wasted plastics. its a must have tool if you fish plastics.

From: Chuck: USA 9/2/16

Comments: amazing stuff. Not much else I can say that hasn't been said. I like the fact that it dries soft. It has paid for itself several times over saving my Lonnie Stanley frogs.

From: Virgil: Green Bay, WI 4/7/16

Comments: The product you see before you truely works, i grabbed a bottle two an a half months before winter rolled around & had been surprised at how this product welds the bait back together. NOTE: one major problem i had about a month ago was half of the bottle drying up. even though i kept i in a cool place. some company should devise a way of bringing back the dried substance back to life or someone should post a video on how to fix a dried up botle. 

From: Grant: Houston, TX 3/28/16

Comments: I can not tell you how many times i have mended a bait that was torn, sometimes even in half, back together ready for use in seconds. If you fish soft plastics and soft swim baits like hudds and ospreys this is a must have.

From: Major: TX 2/23/16

Comments: A must have. I use it a lot especially to repair my frogs after northern pike strikes, works really great. Save your money by buying this stuff.

From: Ben: France 10/26/15

Comments: While Mend It does a great job patching soft plastics and its doesn't leave a crusty, hard coating like Super Glue it is limited.  I tried in on many different worms & lizards where at the top of the bait where the hook leaves a hole or rip.  When you rethread onto a new hook the tear just opens up again.  But if patching a tear in the body of the bait it works fine.

From: John: Germantown, MD 7/8/15

Comments: works well. Glued flippers back on to paca craws and work as well as new ones. Also works and saves a fortune repairing senkos for me.

From: Junyer: AL 6/24/15

Comments: I tried it on the spro bronzeye, live target mouse, and dep frogs. It holds up great and replaces it pretty nice.

From: Peter: WI 3/17/14

Comments: This is the best investment a plastics angler can make. When you first put it on it melts the torn area a little bit and can split a little plastic in half. No big deal, just apply and hold pressure on the spot for a minute or two while it hardens a bit. It does smell so when the fixed plastic goes back in the bag I apply a spray of BANG scent and all is well.

From: Tyler: USA 3/2/14

Comments: This stuff is great! It has paid for its self countless times with regular plastics.  Has anyone tried it on hollow body frogs like the Bronzeye?

From: Eric: CO

Comments: A-W-E-S-O-M-E stuff!I target pike and as you know they make short work of plastics,love this stuff man!

From: Jason: United Kingdom

Comments: My fellow NYer Keith sums it up best.....really good stuff here.

From: Brian: NY

Comments: Really good glue, A+ product!

From: GA

Comments: plain and simple this is some good stuff.

From: Keith: Palmyra, NY

Comments: Let me slightly retract my prior comment.  Upon going to the mend it web site and digging a little deeper, the product did not eat threw my bait...what had happened is that there was pressure on the lure from the jig head inside.  It appears normal that a hole may enlarge with use of this product because it causes - a break down and a bond thereafter.  SO.. i still recommend this stuff, however, you may need to do something to keep pressure on the wound while it bonds.  As I said before I wrapped one of my lures with mono, let it dry.  It worked great. live and learn. 

From: Peter: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: I have used this stuff before and love it, I have actually cut open some hollow body swim baits, installed jig head inside and used this to seal the jig heads in.  I used some mono and wrapped the bait up to keep the pressure from spitting the bait.  THis gives the bait a nice presentation and you do not have to worry about it slipping off.  Overall great stuff... HOWEVER --- WARNING - just used on Berkley power bait Ripple shat to reinstall an eye that fell off and it ate right threw the bait in an instant... Not sure why.  Not sure if this happens with any other baits, but I guess the good news is that you would ONLY use this if a bait was already ruined.  Good luck and hopefully not to many other baits react this way to this product. 

Comments: Mend It Glue is the savior for soft plastic fishermen. How many times have you fished a tournament and only had one bag of the hot bait! Simply toss your used baits in the floor to dry and when the bite is off glue them. The smell is strong but fades quickly. Any attractant will mask the odor. Simply amazing stuff!

From: Anthony: Louisburg, NC

Comments:  OMG....This is not a glue, this is a soft plastic baits welder!!!! Amazing!!!! Very easy to use but it does take longer than normal super glue to stick your bait together and small pretty bad.

From: Qishen: Des Plaines, IL

Comments: If you like swimbait fishing or any type of bait that tears, this is for you!!!!!!!!!!  It is amazing, it smells really bad and make sure you keep it somewhere cool (i keep mine in the fridge)  The 1/2 size bottle has lasted me 8 months and its still has some in it.  definitely reccomended.

From: Trevor

Comments: I can't really add anything new to what's been said already.  If your like me and have been disappointed by other soft plastic repair glues that leave a dry crusty repair, this stuff is the real deal.  Keep the cap tight and store it in a cool place and you're good to go. I keep mine in the basement fridge. I've read elsewhere if the contents start to thicken, a few drops of acetone will bring it back.  I have not tried this yet as I have not needed to.

From: Gasket: Southern New Jersey

Comments: This is an excellent product that works as advertised in the video. You will recoup the price of a bottle several times over. What a savings to be able to repair pricey plastics for continued reuse. I am glad that it now is available in glass bottles to prevent the contents from premature drying.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ

Comments:  This stuff is awesome.  I wouldn't have bothered with a product like this in years prior but in the last few years I have been doing alot more fishing and this stuff has saved me many a bait.  Its great because I won't hesitate to replace a bait that is a little bit beat up (and not working optimally or needing constant adjusting) with a new one because I know I can just fix the beat up one with this stuff.  It smells exactly like plastic model cement (the really liquid type) so I'm guessing the guy who invented this stuff just tried that stuff and the proverbial light bulb in his head came on and now he must be rolling in the $$$$$.  You can literally get twice the use out of the majority of your soft plastics with this stuff!!!

From: Ralph: Canada

Comments: Awesome, just pay attention to the storage instructions, or you will pay for more.

From: Meatwad: Out of town

Comments: THIS STUFF IS INCREDIBLE!!! I'm surprised one of the soft bait companies don't buy them out.  I go out and fish and if I see a soft bait with a tear I replace it with a fresh one and put the damaged one in a zip loc bag.  When I get home I repair all the baits and put them back in their respective compartments to be used again.  They should call this stuff "WELD IT" because the bait is just as strong as when you took it out of the package.  I've actually reattached tails to certain baits.  This is worth every penny.

From: Steve: W. Milford, NJ

Comments: This stuff is somewhat amazing.  Basically it just melts the plastic back together and leaves your baits good as new.  Works really well and in this day and age of expensive soft plastics, its a must have.  I highly recommend it.  Buy the small bottle for repairs in the field and the big to keep in the shop for large quantities.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments:Excellent and WORKS AS ADVERTISED. I laid 6 plastic baits aside and waited for my Mend-It to arrive. In the time it took to write this note, those 6 lures are mended and as good as new. Good deal Mend-It! And as always, Tackle Warehouse IS a good deal AND the real deal!

From:Gary: Daytona Beach, FL

Comments:This is a great product. I'm almost out of the small bottle. I will purchase the larger bottle next time. this stuff saved me a lot of money on my swimbaits.

From:Chuck: Abita Springs, LA

Comments:This stuff is the real deal. It's not glue, it actually causes the plastic to melt and reset itself within minutes. When it sets, the plastic is like new.... it's soft and supple unlike repairs with Super Glue, which leave a hard, tough spot in the bait. Since purchasing my bottle, it's already paid for itself ten times over in rescued swimbaits and plastic worms alone. If you fish any type of soft plastics, especially the pricey swimbaits, you HAVE to get this product.

From:Alan: Adairsville, GA

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