Missile Baits Baby D Bomb 7pk

Missile Baits Baby D Bomb 7pk

Following in the highly-successful footsteps of the Missile Baits D-Bomb, the Missile Baits Baby D-Bomb maintains all of the same fish-catching characteristics - now in a smaller, versatile package. The petite stature of the Missile Baits Baby D-Bomb opens the door for a wide range of applications that will put its lively, thin claws to work, like a shakey head or football jig. Although the Missile Baits Baby D-Bomb is scaled down, it can still accommodate a 3/0 flipping hook, and it soft ribbed body adds to its lifelike action and still allows it to displace a significant amount water on the drop. Blow the competition out of the water with the Missile Baits Baby D-Bomb.

Straight off the top-level professional bass tour, and out of the head of Bassmaster Elite Series standout, John Crews, each Missile Bait is uniquely designed and thoroughly tested to ensure it is just right.

Length Quantity
3.65" 7

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13 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These things are awesome!  I've caught smallies in Canada to largemouth in Texas & they always deliver. Caught a 7lb 5 oz fat chick last week. Green pumpkin purple they just can handle it!

From: Dave: St. Charles, MO 5/12/16

Comments: these things are deadly. Used the desert storm baby d-bomb and wow. i was blown away with how much more fish i started to catch! awesome bait!

From: Brandon: Canada 2/11/16

Comments: Love these. I fish a river system a lot & the smaller size of the Baby D Bomb just drives em crazy. It catches numbers and size, absolutely love these babies!

From: Red: USA 6/1/15

Comments: Clip about a 1/4 - 1/2 inch off the back of these guys and thread em on a football jig. Absolute money. These are very soft, and the action is top notch. The claws flap like a curly tail, I catch a lot of fish on the retrieve back to the boat, even stripers. Only downside is bluegill often bite the claws off. Average durability, 2-3 fish per bug. Color choices are great.

From: Dallas: GA 8/27/14

Comments: I don't know what it is but I have had a lot of success with this baby Dbomb. I once got on a flipping bite with the Baby d bomb and caught a bunch of 12-15 inch fish and then switched to a full size d-bomb to try for a kicker and didn't get another bite for an hour. Works great with an VMC Ike Approve 3/0 flipping hook. I like super bug color. Try some !!

From: Debeaux: Waccamaw River, SC 3/13/14

Comments: When all else fails drop the bomb on em. Texas rig em or cut em down and throw it on the back of a jig. The twin tails flutter beautifully when you swim em. The ribs hold gel type scents forever. Truly versatile.

From: Bassdale: NJ

Comments:  D bomb in the house..... this thing is a beast..love it.

From: Skyline: Greenfield wi

Comments: Been waiting a long time for baby d bombs, the originals were great, but, I fish the Ohio river chain and the fish stay very picky and finicky. A smaller finesse style presentation with the baby d bomb really shows them something new and they crush it!

From: Cody: KY

Comments: This thing flat catches fish.  Super bug was irresistable the other day when nothing else was catching fish.  This thing caught me three real nice bass cruising the flats looking for an easy meal

From: John

Comments: Deadly on a shakey head

From: Sonny: NC

Comments: Perfect size,  unbelivable bait.  Try and out flip me with any other creature bait.

From: gman: louisiana

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