Mister Twister 4" Split Double Tail 10pk - $3.99

Many have hailed the Mister Twister 4" Split Double Tail as the perfect trailer, and for good reason too. Built with a ribbed front half and two sets of split tails on the backside, the Mister Twister 4" Split Double Tail produces an increased bulk and a flash that fish just can't resist. Perfect for attracting a wide range of freshwater species, the flowing action of the Mister Twister 4" Split Double Tail has been proven to dupe bass, bluegill, pike, and perch into biting. Offered in a number of classic colors, the Mister Twister 4" Split Double Tail delivers a lively action that has been tightening lines and filling livewells for years. 

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4" 10 
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Mister Twister 4

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  • Chartreuse
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  • Chartreuse Flake
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  • Pumpkin Pepper
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  • Shiny Pearl/ Blue & Sil Flake
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  • Watermelon/Red & Silver Flake
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  • White
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Comments: This is an awesome bait. It can be fished alone or as a trailer. It's an awesome trailer on spinnerbaits, swim jigs, and chatterbaits. Really recommend this lure.

From: Khy: Morgan Hill, CA 4/1/15

Comments: very busy behind a swim jig. Built well...holds up nicely. Love the old school looking packaging too. smells like PVC so put some scent on em to get em stanky.

From: Jay6: USA 7/9/14

Comments: One of the best swim jig trailers on the market, if not the best. You can trim away a half inch or so of the grub body for a more compact presentation if you need one since they are big.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 5/13/14

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