Mister Twister 4" Twister Tail 20pk - $3.99

Often imitated, but never duplicated, the Mister Twister 4" Twister Tail is the original curly-tailed, big-bass-catching worm. As effective as it is versatile, the Mister Twister 4" Twister Tail can be applied to ball head jigs, Carolina-rigs, spinnerbaits, or buzzbaits to tempt a wide variety of species with its iconic tail action. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual bank walker, the Mister Twister 4” Twister Tail is a proven producer that every angler should have in their tacklebox. 

Length Quantity
4" 20 
Chartreuse Flake
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Mister Twister 4

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  • Chartreuse Flake
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  • White
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  • Black
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  • Chartreuse
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  • Pumpkin Pepper
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  • Smoke Flake
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  • White Pearl
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