Moto-Stop Transom Savers

Please Note: For Yamaha SHO Engines use the Moto Stop 2-Stroke Model

Crafted from high-grade 6061 aluminum, the Moto-Stop Transom Saver is the last motor-toter that you’ll ever need to purchase. No bolts and no drilling are required to use the heavy duty Moto-Stop Transom Saver. Simply lift your motor up, place the Transom Saver onto your trim rods, then lower the motor and attach the rod clips– that’s it.

By stabilizing your motor during transportation you can help support the weight of the engine and alleviate the stress placed on your transom. To further prevent engine movement during transportation, the Moto-Stop Transom Saver also includes a pair of rod clips that easily fit over your steering cylinder rod. The Moto-Stop Transom Saver and rod clips neatly store in the heavy-duty canvas bag that’s also included. Made from shock-absorbent urethane, the bushings and pads on the Moto-Stop Transom Saver reduce the effects of road shock and won’t damage your engine. The ultimate in engine support, the Moto-Stop Transom Saver is used and trusted by a host of professional anglers, including Ish Monroe, Skeet Reese, and Mike Iaconelli.


-Transom Saver
-Steering Rod Clips
-Canvas Bag 

Mercury Moto-Stop: The Mercury Model fits a motor with an approximate trim rod distance of 4 7/8 inches from center to center and trim rod diameters of 5/8 inches (.625")

Yamaha Two-Stroke: The Yamaha Model fits a motor with an approximate trim rod distance of (4 1/4") from the center to center and a trim rod diameter of (11/16ths of an inch)(.700).

Yamaha Four-Stroke: The Yamaha Model fits a motor with an approximate trim rod distance of (4 7/8") and a trim rod diameter of (11/16ths of an inch)(.700).

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Anybody that does a lot of traveling with their boat needs to take a serious look at this product. Yes it is expensive but it is well worth the cost in my opinion. On a recent trip to Virginia I broke TWO of the old bar style transom savers & that's when I started looking for an upgrade. I just got back from a trip to NY state and the difference between this product and the old bar style is night & day. What I love the most is that the Moto-Stop is so easy to use. Just throw on the steering clips & slide the aluminum block over the piston rods and you're done, no bending down to play with straps.  Another excellent feature is that there is no additional hardware you need to play with. It goes right from the box to your motor and you're ready to go. Great product. 

From: Bill: Swedesboro, NJ 9/4/16

Comments: Ingenious.  I like this thing much better than my old school transom saver with rubber straps and clips. 

From: Brian: Los Gatos, CA

Comments: This is a well built, expensive Transom saver that works easily.  It slides on without having to be held which is a great safety feature. It, however, has to be used the the blocks(provided) or your engine will turn. Is it better than the new Motormate?  I am not sure.

From: Ken: Maitland, Fl USA

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