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Your outboard motor is a major investment, and protecting it while transporting it to the water should be a top priority.  The Motormate Yamaha Locking System locks most Yamaha outboard motors in place, preventing costly damage to your steering system and excess torque on your transom. The Motormate Locking System also releases pressure off your hydraulic system.

Guy Eakers, Ott Defoe, Bryan Thrift, Randall Tharp, Aaron Martens, Stephen Browning, Timmy Horton and Jason Christies are just a few of the Elite Series and FLW pro’s who rely on Motormate Locking Systems to protect their motors and transoms when traveling across the Country.

Yamaha 2-Stroke Model #301 - Fits 115hp to 175hp 2-Stroke Motors.
Yamaha 2-Stroke Model #302 - Fits 200hp to 250hp 2-Stroke Motors.
Yamaha 2-Stroke Model #303 - Fits 200hp to 250hp SHO 4-Stroke Motors Only. (Comes with 2 stainless steel brackets).

Comments: Great product but the brackets are a little on the weak side. Have to keep an eye on them every time I use it and bend them back in a little after a few trips but nothing more than an 1/8th.

From: Allen: USA 3/16/14

Comments: Great concept, brackets are to weak for bigger motors. Need to beef up the brackets. Learned from experience.

From: QR: AZ 3/10/14

Comments: Great Item! Easy install, looks great and holds motor in place without movement....

From: Ron: Universal City, Texas

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Yamaha Model #301
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Motormate Locking Systems Yamaha

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  • Yamaha Model #303
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