Mustad Denny Brauer Grip Pin Max Flippin' Hook 5pk

Mustad Denny Brauer Grip Pin Max Flippin' Hook 5pk

The Mustad Denny Brauer Grip Pin Max Flippin’ Hook was developed and designed by Elite Series angler, Denny Brauer for fishing plastics in heavy cover. One of the best in the business at flipping and picking apart heavy cover, Denny Brauer knows what qualities a heavy cover hook needs to have. The Grip-Pin Max Flippin’ Hook is a straight-shank, wide-bite hook with a sleek, integrated keeper to keep baits perfectly positioned and securely anchored without allowing them to tear or slip down the shank. The hook eye is also completely sealed for 100% confidence when fishing braid lines.

Like all UltraPoint hooks, the Mustad Denny Brauer Grip Pin Max Flippin’ Hook features Mustad’s 4.3 Micro Sharp Point Technology for a sleek, slimmer, incredibly sharp point. This unique, two-stage Opti-angle point has less metal removed in the sharpening process than with traditional methods, providing all the benefits of a true needle-point with incredible strength and durability. Chemically sharpened and Nor-Tempered to be up to 30% stronger than conventional hooks, UltraPoint is a very sharp, very strong needle-point that delivers quick, easy penetrations…and longer performance.

"I'm genuinely proud of this innovation [the Mustad Denny Brauer Grip Pin Max Flippin’ Hook]. It’s got a shorter shank, super sharp point and the strength is unmatched. In testing, the percentage of hook-ups went through the roof and hook penetration was clean and precise. You just don’t miss fish, and with that point angled in slightly, you don’t lose fish even in the heaviest of cover." - Denny Brauer, Elite Series pro.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have tried several other brands of flipping hooks but this one is my favorite. The Gammy's and the Trokar's are just as good of a hook, but the bait keeper is the main advantage to this hook. The head on your soft plastics will be in much better shape using this hook. I highly recommend.

From: Jordan: Illinois 2/13/17

Comments: These hooks are super sharp and have a great keeper! The keeper has been getting me 1-2 extra fish per bait, which is huge bonus! I also like that they come in a 2/0 size. These hooks are the perfect size for downsizing your flipping bait to a Baby D Bomb! The epoxy coating is very durable, and the welded keeper doesn't slide down, is wide enough to securely hold all types of baits, but is slender enough to not tear up your plastics and doesn't catch grass! These are a must buy!

From: Josh: Fort Leavenworth, KS 12/8/16

Comments: I used to use Gamakatsu's Superline EWG hooks since I've never been a big fan of flipping hooks, until i tried these. I think that these truly are better than the other flipping hooks on the market.

From: Adam: Long Island, NY 1/25/16

Comments: Went out on a four day trip comparing this hook with the trokar tk140. Both hooks shared similar hookup percentages and either will not bend. The main advantage of the Grip Pin Max over all other flipping hooks is the bait keeper. The Grip Pin Max was able to keep my Strike King Rodent intact on an average of 4-6 Fish. The other fell flat with the same hookset on an average of 1-3 Fish. Mustad has made the perfect bait keeper for flipping/pitching cover.

From: David: Ontario, Canada 6/4/15

Comments: Have tried multiple flipping hooks and this is far and away the best. Welded bait keeper actually keeps the bait in place while punching. Thick gauge can be bent but requires a LOT of pressure, more than can be applied by pinning a double digit bass against a mat. Buy with confidence

From: Montanaro: Touchdown City, WV 3/10/15

Comments: Best I've found. 4/0 and 5/0 should fit all your needs for Punching/Flipping.

From: Tim: Delta, CA 4/12/14

Comments: i recently purchased a pack of these hooks after using the old metal pin style, the new design is flawless. this is however my first time using straight shank hooks and i couldnt believe how far down in the fish's mouths they were hooked. it seems to grab instantly but the 4/0 is a little big for a beaver in my opinion.

From: NC

Comments: great and very strong hook. been using same hook for a while and still going strong and sharp! love the hook keeper, small and compact, doesnt tear ur bait also keeper is welded on the hook so it doesnt slip down like others...give it a try!

From: Godzilla: cal delta

Comments: I have try all of them and this is the strongest flipping, punch hook out there; The Hook keeper is awesome, would not tear your bait, you would be able to used the same bait and hook for hours after pulling big bass one after the other. I have being using the same hook for a month and still working as a champ...

From: Tein: Kissimmee, FL

Comments: this hook is the deal.. I have been doing really well with these hooks..If you are on a fence don't be, i have tried all the major flippin hooks and this one is my favorite hands down..if you like to flip in pitch and use a snell knot this is the hook for you

From: Brandon: Kingsland, GA

Comments: I was not impressed when I recieved these hooks. They were not sharp at all. After touching them up with a file, the hook became sticky sharp. I have used the same hook for the last 4 times out and have to say, I love the hook now. The bait keeper works great and like some have said, it does not tear up your baits. I have been able to use the same bait on 4-5 fish. The biggest so far was over 8 pounds and the hook showed no sign of springing open. Day 5 with same hook will be in the morning. Such a simple design, but quite effective.

From: Kyle: Charleston, SC

Comments: AMAZINGLY STRONG hook cant bend. i havent lost a fish on this hook. great job mustad

From: Devin: Orange County

Comments: This hook is sick.  Throw your flippin' hooks away and get these.  It's the cure all for your headaches with: shrink tubing, hook points rolling over, keepers sliding, keepers breaking, and tearing your baits up.

From: David: KY

Comments: Best flipping hook on market. Been using this hook for a month now and have been tearing them up with a 4/0 and Havoc Pit Boss.

From: Jason: Tonka Bay, MN

Comments: Best flipping hook design on the market. Keeper doesn't destroy baits and they will NOT slide down the shank.

From: David: Atkinson, NH

Comments: These are pretty darn good. I've used these for two weekends now and have got a few fish on them. Only once the keeper thing got bent out away from the shank. Bent it right back to where it should be and seems to be fine. Not sure how many times you can do that before it would actually break off though. So far I'm impressed. MUCH better than dealing with the Gamakatsu's crappy keeper sliding down all the time.

From: Swampy: S. FL

Comments: Amazing hook! Doesn't tear up baits at all! Very strong as well and pretty sharp. Great job Denny

From: Nathan: IL

Comments: i got a sample pack of these at the bassmaster classic this year and they are amazing!!!! they dont tear up your plastics with the bait keeper like trokars do and are (in my opinion) more reliable because the hookpoints are more durable. ive been waiting for these to hit the market so i can buy more!

From: Joe: Nine Mile Falls, WA

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