Mustad Fastach Football Weight

Mustad Fastach Football Weight

Designed with a convenient fastach connection, the Mustad Fastach Football Weights provides anglers with a more efficient way to explore rocky terrain. Molded right into the head, the fastach connector allows anglers to slide hooks on-and-off with the simple twist of the wrist, so there's no need to re-tie when you want to change baits or hook size.

Once attached, the Mustad Fastach Football Weight provides the bait with a freedom of movement that can't be achieved with ordinary fixed jig designs. Additionally, the un-fixed connection reduces the possibility of a bass using the jig as leverage to spit the hook. Complete with a super-durable finish, the Mustad Fastach Football Weight offers an inventive new way to fish your favorite baits. 


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Mustad Fastach Football Weight Black 1/4 3pk $5.99 5+
Mustad Fastach Football Weight Black 3/8 3pk $5.99 5+
Mustad Fastach Football Weight Black 1/2 2pk $5.99 5+
Mustad Fastach Football Weight Black 3/4 2pk $5.99 5+
Mustad Fastach Football Weight Black 1 oz. 2pk $5.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS FOR THIS ONE!!! Imagine fishing old bridge piles / ledges with giant creature baits or monster 12 inch worms. This is possible by using Mustad UltraPoint Grip-Pin Max and Mustad UltraPoint Grip-Pin Edge hooks. These straight 7/0 flipping and 7/0 long shank hooks combine for creations unseen before. Have some fun with these useful football heads, and catch a beast!

From: William: Thomaston, GA 10/21/14

Comments: I was hesitant to right this review as I don't want others to jump on the bandwagon. I don't know why anyone would buy regular swing heads when you can't change hooks! Pick out the hook of your choice, pop it on and go! I flipped, punched, casted and bounced off cover and caught bass last weekend. I may never go back to normal Texas rig except when punching thick cover. I only wish they would come out with a tungsten version!

From: Montanaro: Touchdown City, WV 10/1/14

Comments: Best design for a swinging jig heads, it allows any hook R=bend hook to be used.  Ding your hook on another brand and you cant change the hook. Used one all day yesterday with 10in SK thumper worms great hard finish was very impressed how well they held up

From: Tim: Davenport, IA 8/30/14

Comments: Great product! Has great action with any soft bait. It's a little tricky to get the hook on the head the first time, but it gets easier with practice.

From: Austin: FL 7/17/14

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