Mustad KVD Grip Pin Soft Plastic Hook 5pk

Mustad KVD Grip Pin Soft Plastic Hook 5pk

MSRP: $5.99 - $6.99

Developed by legendary professional bass angler, Kevin VanDam, the Mustad KVD Grip Pin Soft Plastic Hook features Mustad’s Big Mouth Tube hook design with a new plastic keeper molded around the hook shank to firmly secure your soft plastic baits.  The integrated pin rigs easily, doesn’t tear plastic, and securely anchors baits to the hook, while Mustad’s Big Mouth design provides for a perfect Tex-posed presentation and a precise point-to-eye angle that facilitates rock solid hooksets.  Available in several sizes, the versatile “no slip/no slide” design of the Mustad KVD Grip Pin Soft Plastic Hook offers a superior presentation for a wide range of soft plastic baits - from big creatures baits to jerk baits.

5 per pack

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Use these on for flipping and punching heavy cover, hyacinths, Lilly pads, coontail, hydrilla, you name it.  Keeper holds plastics on longer and doesn't snag.  Coontail is the worst for fouling a plastic when working the green stuff and these hooks are hands down my favorite.Also use them fishing heavy wood cover on a Carolina rig.  Get more consistent hook ups and have fewer occasions where the bait slides down the shank and wads at the base of a hook..  my partner was certainly wishing he was using them this past Saturday!  He kept coming unbottoned while fighting the fish in only to find his brushhog wadded down in the bend.  Meanwhile I kept hooking up....

From: Unknown 1/18/17

Comments: Great hook! from creatures to crawls, senkos to buzz toads, flukes to paddel tails, I use them for everything. I have found them to hold onto the plastic better and help each bait last longer no matter the cover they are fished in. The weighted version is good too. Would defiantly recommend giving them a try. 

From: Joe: Windsor, CO1/8/17 

Comments: hese are the best EWG grip pin hooks out there. I've used the metal pinned hooks and the shrink wrapped keeper hooks. These don't shred the bait when you put one on and I've had no problems with the keeper getting caught on brush/wood, and I fish ALOt of wood cover!

From: Stone: Charlotte, NC 5/30/15

Comments: These hooks are the deal. If you're flipping anything whether its brush, rocks, whatever you name it you need these hooks. I tried Trokars and in my opinion these are better. Your lure WILL last longer for you and its gonna stay on that hook till you take it off. Won't use another brand again

From: Stephen: TN 4/6/15

Comments: Fish Z-man baits on this hook and it will save you big bucks and catch you lots of fish.  The elaztech material is slippery, and this is the only hook that really holds on to it. Thank you Mustad!!

From: Papa: ID 6/16/14

Comments: love these hooks need to make them in 1/0

From: Dave: Columbia MD

Comments: Agree the old style welded grip pin got caught on weeds but the new design is awesome. pretty much all I use now for pitching and flipping

From: Tom

Comments: Best bait keeper on a flipping hook.

From: Alex: FL

Comments: I have four packs of these hooks and I think they are great. Super sharp hook point and the grip pin makes your plastics last another 1 to 2 fish. Haven't had any issues with the grip pin snagging in heavy cover. Overall, I think this hook is a must have for anybody that throws a lot of soft plastics.

From: Kyle: MI

Comments: I use mine with larger tubes... To address the problem of the pin catching on weeds etc, I took needle-nose pliers & bent the pin inward several degrees. Problem solved & no damage to the hook. Now when the tube is T-rigged the pin curls in tight to the plastic & no snags.....

From: Mark: Gardner, KS

Comments: Grip pin gets snagged on wood and brush. I wouldn't recommend using it around heavy cover.

From: Seth: Louisiana

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