Mustad Power Lock Plus Weighted EWG Hook 3pk

Mustad Power Lock Plus Weighted EWG Hook 3pk

The Mustad Ultra Point represents the culmination of over a century of hook making experience by one of the world's oldest hook manufacturers. The Ultra Point incorporates the three-stage Opti-Angle sharpening technology which creates a true needle point that is stronger and resists bending better than conventional points while still providing a sticky-sharp hook. Mustad uses premium high-carbon steel that has been specially Nor-Tempered to increase strength as much as 30% over conventional tempering methods while still avoiding brittleness. The red finish resists corrosion and helps keep your hook needle sharp, fish after fish and that extra flash of red will often trigger a strike from aggressive bass.

Mustad Power Lock Plus Weighted EWG hooks are the right tool when you're using thick plastic baits since the body of the bait can be pressed down farther, exposing more of the hook point for a deep, solid hookset. The Mustad Power Lock Hooks feature a weight molded on the shank of the hook and a long plastic keeper on the eye for a very clean, neat, compact rig. Use the Power Lock Hook for soft plastic frogs like the Sizmic Toad or the Horny Toad, for soft jerk baits and Senkos or your favorite plastic worm. These Hooks also work excellent with the Basstrix Baits. Different weight and hook combinations are available.

3 Power Lock Hooks per Pack

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Power Lock Plus EWG Hook 2/0 1/16 $6.99 5+
Power Lock Plus EWG Hook 2/0 1/8 $6.99 5+
Power Lock Plus EWG Hook 3/0 1/16 $6.99 5+
Power Lock Plus EWG Hook 3/0 1/8 $6.99 5+
Power Lock Plus EWG Hook 4/0 1/16 $6.99 5+
Power Lock Plus EWG Hook 4/0 1/8 $6.99 5+
Power Lock Plus EWG Hook 5/0 1/8oz $6.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Absolutely terrible hook in general. Black securing pin slid off after the second fish. i am very disappointed

From: Robert: Chicago, IL 12/13/16

Comments: These hooks use to be my go to hook all of the time for Senkos and swim baits. Then they changed the way that the pin is secured to the hook.  As you can see it now has an open eye.  It use to be closed and the pin would not separate from the hook.  Now they are just a pain in the butt because the pin seperates from the hook frequently.  I guess they saved a penny or two by changing the design, but now they are just about useless.

From: Patrick: WV

Comments: Work's for me.  I use them with Flukes, Senkos, etc.  Push it in part way, and run your hook into the bait.  Bait will tear where the hook goes through after some fish, then push the insert in all the way, and put the hook through the bait in a new hole.  Good hook up ratio to hits. Screw inserts tear out, and ruin the head on the bait after a hit or two...these you can reinsert.

From: Old 63: Sterling. IL

Comments: Couldn't be more disappointed.  Thought I'd save a tiny bit going with the Mustad instead of my normal go to Owner with twist lock.  I fish swim baits about 70% of the time.  This power lock plus junk on this Mustad's is horrible.  A complete waste.  After one or two fish the power lock rips free and pretty much won't stay in the swim bait.  I can get 10 fish on one Owner with twistlock compared to a couple on the Mustad's.  Don't waste your money on these.  Not worth it. 

From: Wrxified: Grandville, MI U.S.

Comments: Waste of time and money

From: Big T: Central Florida

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