Mustad Triple Grip Feathered Treble Hook 2pk

Mustad Triple Grip Feathered Treble Hook 2pk

The Mustad Ultra Point represents the culmination of over a century of hook making experience by one of the world's oldest hook manufacturers. The Ultra Point incorporates the three-stage Opti-Angle sharpening technology which creates a true needle point that is stronger and resists bending better than conventional points while still providing a sticky-sharp hook. Mustad uses premium high-carbon steel that has been specially Nor-Tempered to increase strength as much as 30% over conventional tempering methods while still avoiding brittleness. The black nickel finish resists corrosion and helps keep your hook needle sharp, fish after fish.

Feathered hooks are great for using as trailers on various hard baits for extra attraction and movement when you stop the bait. These round bend treble hooks offer the serious angler the right combination of wire diameter for strength and light weight to keep your hard baits running true. The deep, round bend will hook hard and hold securely to ensure your catch will get in the livewell.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are my favorite dressed trebles. I normally use gamakatsu or owner hooks but I tried there because the dressing is much larger on there. I have used them quite a bit and never had any of the dressing fall apart as the other review said, maybe that was a bad batch. I like the hook design on there, similar to a gamakatsu ewg. These hooks are not quite as shart as owners or gamakatsu but I have no problem getting a hook set and they are a good strong hook.

From: Jevan: Estes Park, Co, USA

Comments: Just received 2 packs of these hooks today and I think these are horrible.  Just holding these hooks still while putting them on the split rings resulted in almost all the feathers coming out of the binding.  Very poor binding on these hooks and absolutely would not recommend to anyone.

From: Kevin: Gibsonville, NC

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