Mustad Wide Gap Dropshot Hook 6pk - $1.99

We all know dropshotting is a specialized technique that requires the right components to make the rig work correctly. You need the right line, the right rod, the right weight, and the right hook. These dropshot hooks from Mustad have been designed to get the job done right. The deep bend of the hook allow for a deep, solid hookset while keeping the overall size very compact, an important consideration for this finesse technique. The sharp bend at the front of the hook will hold your nose-hooked bait in the right position and the downset eye will hold the bait in the right attitude for attracting and catching fish. When a bass bites the Mustad Wide Gap Dropshot Hook the super sharp point will almost set itself.

6 Per Pack

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Mustad Wide Gap Dropshot Hook 6pk

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Wide Gap Dropshot Hook 4-1 $1.99
Wide Gap Dropshot Hook 2-1 $1.99

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