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The Mustang Lil' Legends Kids Vests are durable, versatile and built to handle all of your family's boating needs. Perfect for taking your kids fishing, sailing or playing at the lake, the Lil' Legends Kids Vests feature an adjustable waistbelt and legstrap for a secure fit, a head cushion to cradle the head in the water and a safety grab strap for ease of rescue.

Designed to be versatile, Mustang Survival's Lil' Legends Vests are a perfect solution for any family looking for the highest quality marine safety solution. Ultra-comfortable and highly durable, Lil' Legends are made with the high focus on safety you've come to expect from Mustang Survival.


-Three-piece split foam flotation collar
-Heavy-duty grab strap for hoisting an immersed child from the water
-Adjustable crotch strap for increased safety
-Mesh trim for drainage
-Made with bright Mustang High Performance Nylon for high visibility
-Fully encircling webbing belt for snug, secure fit

Infant Model #: MV3150
For children weighing up to 30lbs.
Approval: USCG - UL1177 - Buoyant Vest 160.047 - Type II

Child Model # MV3155
For children weighing 30-50lbs.
Approval: USCG - UL1123 - Marine Bouyant Devices 160.064 - Type II

Youth Model #: MV3160
For children weighing 50-90lbs.
Approval: USCG - UL1123 - Marine Buoyant Devices 160.064 - Type III

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