Nories Escape Twin 4.5"

Nories Escape Twin 4.5

Perfect for Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, and as a jig trailer, the Nories Escape Twin 4.5" offers a bulky crawfish imitation that flails and writhes like nothing American bass have ever seen. Also effective for flipping and punching, it's narrow body allows it to slip in and out of cover and vegetation, and its lively appendages come to life as soon as it hits the water. The two thick, rounded claws and various other appendages also flare out on the pause and contracts on the retrieve - just like an actual crawfish. 

Made from a high density plastic and infused with Nories’ super-strong scent, the Nories Escape Twin 4.5" appeals to bass' sense of smell and taste as well. Offered in a number of bass-catching colors, the Nories Escape Twin 4.5" delivers an appetizing presentation no matter how it's fished. 

Length Quantity
4.5"  5

5 Colors

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    Model No. NET351-10693
    Bandou Kawaebi
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    Model No. NET352-10694
    Brush Pile Craw
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    Model No. NET353-10695
    Green Pumpkin Reaction
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    Model No. NET004-4140
    Watermelon Black Flk
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    Model No. NET354-10696
    Watermelon Reaction
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Customer Reviews

Comments: this bait is awesome use as trailer or texas/shakey rig tears em up lots of luck punching this bait as well

From: Dave: IL 1/19/16

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