Norman Fat Boy Crankbait

Norman Fat Boy Crankbait

Norman Lures have long been known for their great value. Norman makes one of the best fish catching crankbaits on the market today, and the do it while maintaining a very reasonable price. The Fat Boy crankbait features a wide, coffin shaped diving bill for fast, tight wobbles, and more importantly, the ability to deflect off brush and other obstructions that would snag other crankbaits.

The Norman Fat Boy dives from zero to four feet. The thick, blunt front design plows through the water creating plenty of water displacement to get bass' attention, but its absence of a rattle also gives it a slightly stealthy approach. Ultra-sharp Black Nickel Gamakatsu hooks make the Norman Fat Boy one of the best baits you will find to throw in shallow water, around stumps and brush, or over submerged grass.

Norman Length Weight Class Depth
Fat Boy 2" 7/16oz Floating  0-4ft 

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

20 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is my "go to" in submerged grass in less than 4' of water. In fact, this is probably the only crankbait I will throw directly into grass. With 20# Floro & my rod tip held high, I can burn this bait between 0'-1' over and through shallow grass. Ive found no other crankbait that comes through grass as easily, dodging and weaving through stalks like it has a mind of its own, and the bass explode on it. This bait also has a wicked wide wobble on a super slow retrieve and can be used as a wakebait when weeds grow to the surface. I own a box full of these & Ive had no issue with them running straight even if I have to tune them slightly from time to time. Chartreuse is my favorite color for fishing in shallow pea soup.

From: Big J: NY 3/28/16

Comments: This is a very unique crankbait. It has a much wider wobble than most squarebills, casts like a bullet & definitely dives more than the 3 feet it says on the packaging. Only drawbacks are that it seems to go out of tune more frequently than most cranks, and it gets hung in grass a little too easily. Little known fact: it's a knock off of a Zoom WEC E-1.

From: David: NH 9/17/15

Comments: This is my favorite squarebill to throw in murky or heavily stained water, anytime you want to advertise the lure to bass. Has a great, noisy wobble and will dive 4' on 12 pound line. It's awesome for running over riprap or wood cover, and it runs over and through grass exceptionally well. Firetiger and red craw have been my best colors.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 6/10/15

Comments: This crankbait has been rather successful for me. its my favorite square bill to throw into thick cover. I didn't change a thing about it. A lot of people feel like they have to swap out the hooks on all of these lures but i haven't and i have hooked many a fish as well as many sticks, rocks and other cover and the hooks have prevailed.This lure actually led me to buy other Norman lure products which I am going to try this coming spring.  

From: Justin: Belleville, IL

Comments: I used Texas Shad for the first time this past weekend and hooked into 1 bass after moderate use. I like them. It took me some time to realize you really have to slow roll these Fat Boys. Else, they'll pop up out of the water. If for whatever reason your cranking with straight braid you'll need to swap out the split ring on the nose of the bait. The thin diameter of braid will split through the o-ring after a while. But honestly, that just reminded me that I should be using mono for cranking.

From: Jeffery: Jamesville, NC

Comments: This bait is a must have. Early Spring and late fall on lake Erie nothing else in the boat will keep up with it. It has put some good money in my boat in the Early season. Greta action when worked real slow. if you have not tried this bait pick a few up and hit the water.

From: Scott: Buffalo, NY

Comments: This lure is great! caught some nice bass on my first outing. bought the green craw color and replaced the black gamakatsu hooks with red ones. give it a little flashier appearance. lure is way worth the money ran straight right out of the box!

From: Justin: Belleville, IL

Comments: this bait outperformed my 15 dollar square bill lucky craft . all of mine run true but if your in lots of rocks they are one of the easiest crankbaits to tune  the one knocker ball in the bait works awsome  great wobble  for the money  it has alot better hooks then my kvd square bill plus the bill on all of mine have never busted  unlike the junk kvd square bill . just an awsome bait money very well spent. great colors  plus the finish is really good for the most part it stays on the bait . great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Jim: Lake Tomahawk, WI

Comments: One of my favorite to retrieve slowly. Bumblebee is my favorite. My only issue is when you try to retrieve it fast, they tend to track to the left. All six of mine run that way. Other than that it's a sweet little squarebill.

From: Tim: TX

Comments: VERY underated bait! To the guy that can't get it to work under 4" of water: Keep that rod tip low and use a smaller diameter line such as 10 to 12 lb...I can get this bait to swim  about 4 to 5 ft. on 10 lb line.... Absolutley a BIG FISH BAIT!

From: Rusty: TX, where else?

Comments: One of the best little cranks on the market, The red craw is my go to bait on the Potomac river

From: Sam: La Plata, MD

Comments: Best shollow crankbait on the market caught a ton on fish on this one.

From: Petie: Lebanon, KY

Comments: I think this is one of the best shallow cranks on the market.  I plan stocking up for the fall.  This crank gets mad love from me.  It got me out of a big hole the last T I had.

From: Chris: Hopatcong, NJ

Comments: i dont like this crankbait. it looks nice and has good action but i cant get it to go 2 inches under water. its almost topwater

From: Matt

Comments:  I agree.  This bait gets no love.  It is an awesome big fish bait.  I have found nothing else with this action that dives so shallow.  You can cover a lot of water with it b/c you can cast it a mile.  It casts great into the wind if needed

From: Jim: Woodstock, GA

Comments: This bait gets no love.  It casts like a bullet and has a wide wobble like no other bait. TW has the best color selection bar none. You have got to try this bait at least once.

From: Doug: Longview, WA

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