Norman N Series Crankbaits

When bass anglers are sitting around talking about successful crankbaits, you can be sure that the Norman Crankbait will be included in the discussion. These crankbaits have been around for a long time and are proven fish catchers. We carry only the Norman Pro Edge series because they stand head and shoulders above the other baits. The Norman Crankbait features deep lustrous finishes and a huge variety of colors. The diving bill and the attitude that the bait naturally swims at enable these lures to come through and over underwater obstructions easily. If a hang up does occur, they float up backwards which will often free them automatically.

The N series Crankbaits will fish a variety of depths from 10-12 feet for the Deep Little N or 7-9 feet for the Middle N baits. Every Norman Crankbait comes complete with ultra-sharp Gamakatsu Hooks that grab and hold, all the way back to the boat. Fish the Norman N Crankbaits around shallow points, over fish-holding cover, or grind them through the mud to really put some fish in the boat.

Norman Length Weight Dive Depth Hook Size Class
Deep Baby N 2" 1/4oz 6-8ft #4 Floating
Deep Little N(DLil N) 2.5" 3/8oz 9-12ft #4 Floating
Middle N 2" 3/8oz 7-9ft #6 Floating

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59 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: these are good baits the paint jobs are better than a lot of higher priced crank baits and if you don't know how to tune a bait or don't like to tune a bait I don't consider you a true bass angler because tuning baits comes with the territory, they work and will work for you personally I've never even had to tune one so it hasn't been an issue.

From: Mojo Bass: CA 2/22/16

Comments: You would have to place Norman crankbaits as one of the classic lures for bass anglers world-wide. The down side was the performance of these lures; they needed constant tuning. Most crank bait companies today don't have instructions on their packaging demonstrating how to use needle nose pliers to adjust the swimming action of their lures. Many Norman crankbaits would not run true out of the package, and were a pain in the neck to tune. Still have to respect the track record of the Norman's. Price is best feature.

From: John: Knoxville, TN 11/18/15

Comments: Norman lures are extremely underrated & the Mad N and Deep Little N are always in my tackle box; and often the first baits tied on. I don't think there's a better crank for the 7'-8' depth made than the DLN.

From: Mike: Aurora, IL 6/24/15

Comments: Exceptional bait for any price! This thing is a new confidence bait for me and flat out catches fish. I own several colors for different situations and have only had to tune a couple the after a good fish or two. Excellent color selection, good hooks, run true out of the box, and made in America. I love this bait! Also, great for those learning how to use crankbaits because they won't go bankrupt at first because they lose a couple. 

From: Bradon: Fort Knox, Ky 5/12/15

Comments: The deep baby n (6-8 ft.) splatter bass has been killer for me. The glitter in these Norman lures is EXTREMELY flashy in sunlight and especially in the water. I really gets their attention in any water clarity.

From: Aaron: GA 3/31/15

Comments: I spent a long weekend on the Columbia River in Washington fishing for smallmouth. I used several different cranks and caught 95% of my fish on the Columbia Craw Deep Little N. It was what they wanted. I caught 50+ fish and nothing else was working.  This pattern really looks like a craw beginning its molt. Great bait, casts far holds up well and comes with good hooks.

From: Dan: Seattle, WA 5/14/14

Comments: One of the greats. You need to stock the clear finish though.

From: Todd: Australia

Comments:  Norman's are hard to beat.. especially for the price!

From: Wesley: Rogersville, AL

Comments: Fantastic cheap lure for perch and pikeperch/zander, works great in casting and trolling. Some ones swim right- or leftwards but are easy to tune. Also DBN and DLN works great.

From: Toni: Finland, Europe

Comments: I gave up on these crankbaits about twenty years ago when I couldn't get them to run straight. Recently, I bought a couple more of them in an effort to support an American company. Both lures ran totally out of tune. One just spun in circles upon retrieve. Maybe I'll try again in another 20 years, maybe I won't.

From: Aaron: Seattle, WA

Comments: this crank bait is so sick, espically for the money! It works great at Shareon Harris espically in chart-blue.

From: Bill: NC

omments: Norman Crankbaits are the most affordable high end crankbait that there is. You cant find the finish and durability of these baits on any of the cheaper cranks. I can buy three of these for what one lc costs. Oh and they flat out catch the fish!!!!!!!!!!

From: Clint: Batesville, AR

Comments: Awesome little crankbaits. Norman has a ton of colors and sizes for specific depths and styles of fishing. I prefer the Gold SX shad and SX shad for fall season and Sour Grape for late summer. The hooks on these lures are great too, never bent or broken. If your looking cheep crankbaits that can get the job done I would highly suggest these.

From: Jon: Illinois, USA

Comments: In the midst of buying and using all the Luckycrafts I can get my hands on, my backseater started catching them on the Middle N. I dug into my crankbait box of treasure and found the only one I own, tied it on, and it actually out fished the LC baits. In case you havent noticed, they are MUCH cheaper than LC, too. Dont sleep on the Middle N, I now have a bunch and like to use them when I need to grind bottom up shallow or just get out a little deeper.

From: Meatwad: Out of Town

Comments: Best crank for the money.

From:Andrew: Southern CA, USA

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