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Northland Tackle Jaw Breaker - $4.99

Made for fishing along the tops of vegetation, the Northland Tackle Jaw Breaker delivers a unique construction and snag-free performance that is in a league-of-its-own. Designed with a special Y-shaped weedguard, the Northland Tackle Jaw Breaker slithers over all sorts of hydrilla, lily pads, and grass without getting hung up. Stamped from a solid piece of brass, the Northland Tackle Jaw Breaker is fitted with tantalizing “Limber-Legs” skirting, which gives it a flowing, more naturalized appearance. Precisely weighted to produce long distance casts, the Northland Tackle Jaw Breaker offers an innovative way to tempt bass along the surface.  

Located in the heart of Minnesota’s finest fishing waters, the Northland Tackle has been trusted for over 25-years to provide some of the most innovative, high-quality, and effective lures on the market. Offering a wide assortment of soft plastics, jigs, and spinnerbaits, Northland Tackle provides anglers with the tools to catch everything from pan fish to pike. Built by anglers for anglers, Northland Tackle knows what it takes to have a successful day on the water – and that’s exactly what they deliver.

Comments: This spoon has been one of my secret weapons for fishing lillypads and weedy flats... It goes every where goes under the lillies knocking every stem or branch, which makes fish crasy !! Very happy to see this spoon at tacklewarehouse !!

From: Fab: France 8/10/14

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Black Shiner
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Northland Tackle Jaw Breaker

4 Available Colors

  • Black Shiner
    Size Stock Qty
    1/2 1
  • Bull Frog
    Size Stock Qty
    1/2 5+
  • Green Frog
    Size Stock Qty
    1/2 5+
  • Silver Shiner
    Size Stock Qty
    1/2 5+

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