OSP Asura Jerkbait

OSP Asura Jerkbait

The O.S.P. Asura Jerkbait gives you a fast, erratic, exciting action that will provoke strikes from bass anywhere you throw it. These premium Japanese jerk baits were designed and produced by famed Japanese pro Toshinari Namiki to catch fish on heavily pressured water - and they'll do the same for you. The high back and the bill angle work together to give the Asura an erratic action, and keep it down in the strike zone all the way back to the boat. The three ultra-sharp hooks ensure solid hookups when you get bit, and the beautiful finishes will stay perfect fish after fish. The unique O.S.P. weight transfer system allows this small lure to cast like a bullet, and suspend in the water column until bass can't stand it and have to strike. If you're looking for premium Japanese lure to fish in your home water try the O.S.P. lures - designed to catch fish.


O.S.P Length Weight Depth Class
Asura 3-7/8" 1/3oz 0-5ft. Suspending

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

5 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The O.S.P. Asura  suspending jerkbait is the best lure I have ever fished. Absolutely deadly for lunker largemouth or smallmouth bass in cold water. Good color patterns/finish, incredible lifelike action, razor sharp hooks make the o. s.p. Asura worth the purchase price.

From: Eugene: Seattle, WA

Comments: A well executed jerkbait cast a mile fast erratic stop on a dime action catches tons of bass outperform outclass most jerkbaits.

From: George: Detroit, MI

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