OSP Blitz Crankbait

OSP Blitz Crankbait

The O.S.P. Blitz Crankbait is a shallow-running crankbait with the detailed finishes and precision engineering Japanese lures are known for throughout the industry. Featuring a lightweight honeycombed construction, which reduces weight and strengthens the body of the bait, the O.S.P. Blitz is an extremely durable lure that swims true right out of the box. It’s semi-flat sides yield better flash and increase water disturbance, while its wide, square-shaped, circuit board bill allows the lure to swim in a nose down position, avoiding hang-ups and maintaining balance as it deflects off of cover. The circuit board material also makes the bill incredibly sensitive, precisely transmitting the details of the bottom and cover back to the angler. Each O.S.P. Blitz also features a semi-exposed bottom-balanced tungsten weight system (non-rattling). By putting the weight as low as possible, the Blitz maintains incredible balance and casts like a rocket. Packed with new innovations and features, the O.S.P. Blitz is a dynamic crankbait, available in a variety of bass-attracting colors.

OSP Length Weight Class Depth
Blitz Crankbait 2" 1/3oz Floating 0-6ft

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5 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I thought we wuz gonna keep this'n a secret.

From: John: Taylors, SC 1/30/17

Comments: Um, this bait is silent. And awesome.

From: Meatwad: reviewing baits I really own and fish...unlike some peeps

Comments:The only thing I have found bad about this crank is that weeds tend to get wedged between the eye and the bill which makes it very hard to clear weeds during a cast, other than that its a great crank with a tight wobble and loud rattles. Seems to have a very durable paint and finish.

From:Martin: Wyoming, MI

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