OSP Blitz MR

OSP Blitz MR

Expertly crafted with exquisite finishes and detailing, the Blitz MR Crankbait is a new arrival from Japanese lure-maker O.S.P. (Osprey Spiritual Performer). A middle-running crankbait, the O.S.P. Blitz MR produces a captivating wobble thanks to its semi-flat sided body design, which also increases the flash and water disturbance of the bait. A non-rattling stationary weight system provides excellent castability and balance, and the absence of a rattle makes the Blitz MR a great choice for tough conditions and highly pressured fish. Each O.S.P. Blitz MR also features a wide square-cut circuit board bill that creates a nose-down swimming action and helps the lure avoid hang-ups, while also maintaining the lure’s balance as it deflects off of cover. The circuit board material used in the bill is also highly sensitive, transmitting the details of whatever cover and bottom contours the bill comes into contact with. Extremely durable as well, thanks to its internal honeycombed body construction, the O.S.P. Blitz MR swims true right out of the box and is available in a variety of proven colors.

OSP Length Weight Depth Class
Blitz MR 2" 1/3oz 0-8ft Floating

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I love this little bait. It has the vibe of a big deep crank but it seems to only run around 6 to 7 feet deep. Very tall price but I am a fan of the computer chip lips .Hooks are very, very sticky sharp. Great baits but the price should be more like $12.00. They really have no reason to be $18.99. I got one from TW and ordered a special color  from ebay.

From: Kevin: KY 3/23/14

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