OSP Blitz Max Crankbait

OSP Blitz Max Crankbait

A big shallow crankbait designed to attract strikes from big bass, the O.S.P Blitz Max delivers the attention-to-detail and realistic finishes premium Japanese lures have come to be known for across the fishing world. Designed to deliver increased performance from a big crankbait, the O.S.P Blitz Max functions more like a smaller crankbait in a big body. Featuring a unique, internal honeycombed construction for added strength and reduced weight, the body of the Blitz Max blends a rounded crankbait shape with semi-flat, color-flashing sides for added water disturbance and vibration. Each OSP Blitz Max Crankbait also features a partly exposed, non-rattling weight positioned in the belly of the bait, which allows for longer, more accurate casts and also maintains the lure’s balance when deflecting off of cover. By varying your retrieves, rod position and fishing line, the OSP Blitz Max can swim anywhere between 0 and 6 feet, crashing against cover and eliciting big strikes.

OSP Length Weight Class Depth
Blitz Max 2-1/2" 7/16oz Floating 0-6ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: big profile crank, it's silent and buoyant... and it's easy to cast even on 16lb mono,  it has nice trebles and right colors excellent for cold water and post spawn fish

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