OSP Tiny Blitz MR - $19.99

It's usually a good idea to downsize your offering when the fish are getting a lot of pressure or the water is extra clear, and the OSP Tiny Blitz MR offers the perfect solution. A bite size morsel of a bait, it is also absent a rattle for an even more subtle presentation. A shallow to medium runner, it offers a tight, lively wobbling action at fast or slow retrieves, and its circuit board lip provides added sensitivity over a standard crankbait bill. Fish it on a spinning or baitcasting setup, the OSP Tiny Blitz MR Crankbait has the realistic detailing, performance and action to cover a lot of water and get bit when other baits just won't cut it.

OSP Length Weight Class
Tiny Blitz MR 1-4/5" 1/4oz Slow Floating

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OSP Tiny Blitz MR

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  • Chartresue Blue Back
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  • Crystal Blue Shiner
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  • Ghost Minnow
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  • Ginrin
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  • Mat Tiger
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  • Pearl Chart Back
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  • Red Craw
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  • Tasty Shad
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