Omega Football Jigs

Omega Football Jigs
After a huge breakout win on Lake Amistad Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie Derek Remitz sat down with Omega Tackle and designed his ideal jig. The finished product was the Omega Derek Remitz Football Jig. Made to Derek's specifications these jigs need no modification and are ready to fish right out of the package. Derek's Football jig is made using only the highest quality components including a flat eyed wide gap Gamakatsu hook that will ensure a solid hookset with holding power to get the fish in the boat.

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These jigs are great as are the rest of their products. The hook is extremely sharp and durable, the skirts hold up great, even in the AZ heat, and the paint is very chip resistant. I have caught some great largemouth and smallmouth on these jigs. They are perfect for going deeper and dragging, kicking up dirt and they stand straight up when dropped.

From: Chris: Gilbert, AZ

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