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Today our lakes and rivers are receiving more pressure than ever. Therefore specialized techniques and tactics are required to consistently catch fish. The 5/16oz. Omega Finesse Jigs are small profile jigs that were designed to draw strikes from even then most finicky of fish. The 7/16oz. Omega Pitchin' Jigs are small profile jigs that were designed to draw strikes from even then most finicky of fish.

Omega Finesse and Pitchin' Jig Features:
1) Created at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri
2) Triangular shaped head designed to come through brush and rock
3) Flat face design to easily skip under docks, cables and other cover
4) Flat face design allows jigs to stand up at a 45 degree angle (imitates defensive posture of crawdad)
5) 60 degree flat eye hook results in high percentage hookups
6) 2.5" collared skirt (small profile) made with a rattle band to accept two Omega rattles
7) Oversized skirt collar and trailer keeper (keeps skirt and trailer in place)
8) 4/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hook (black nickel)
9) Awesome Swim Jig

Omega also makes a Living Rubber Pitching Jig

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Omega Finesse Jigs

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Comments: Fished this jig in Texas Craw today at local pond. Fished it on spinning tackle with 12lb test floro. It was only in the high 50's. Caught 6 fish, 1 was 5.5lbs. Best I've ever done at this pond. Used a Strike King Rage Chunk trailer in Falcon Lake Craw and dipped the claws in JJ's Magic red. Outstanding Jig. You've got to try these!!

From: Jon: OH 4/1/15

Comments: awesome jig light and small enough to be a finesse style bait but big enough to get it were it needs to go love this jig have not fished it yet but have casted it in the yard a few times great jig.

From: Nick: Ohio

Comments: awesome jig, great for flipping when the bite is tough and it comes through cover great. i compared these verse several others and hands down this out produced the others.

Comments: Overall a great jig! I just wish it didn't hang up as much when I'm fishing wood but what jig doesn't hang up every once in awhile.

From: James: New Jersey, USA

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