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For years now, swimbaits have been the bait of choice for big fish throughout the Western United States. When the swimbaits moved out towards the south, such as Texas, Florida, and Alambama, fisherman quickly realized their ability to catch fish. It didn't take long for Professional fisherman to call up Optimum Baits Co and ask for a bait that they could throw into Weeds and be weedless. The 5 & 6 Inch Titan was the masterpiece/creation of their requests. The same wide body profile and kicking power equipped with an Eagle claw brushguard so the bait can be thrown into cover for those hiding lunkers.

Optimum Titan Weedless Weight Class
5" 3/4oz Sinking
6" 2-3/4oz Sinking
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Comments: During the summer, I use this bait's weedless capabilities and run it shallow above weeds and or lily pads. It's ability to be weedles allowed me to literally fish it like a frog. Truly a fun way of fishing. Hold on, they'll swallow it!

From: Charlie: MA

Comments: This is my go to swimbait when I need to keep my bait down on the bottom. It sits upright at rest and is paired with a high quality black nickel hook. Crawl it, hop it, or swim it and youÕll get bit too!

From: Mark: San Diego, CA

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