Owner Beast Hook w/ Twistlock - $5.49 to $6.99

The Owner Beast Hook with Twistlocking Centering-Pin Spring are designed for weedless-style rigging of larger plastics like swimbaits, flukes, tubes and creature baits. With its Twistlock Centering-Pin Spring attached to the hook eye, baits can be permanently secured by inserting the pin in the center of the nose of a soft plastic, which can then be screwed onto the Twistlock coil spring to rig perfect everytime! Different size springs are matched to hook size to maximize holding power. Quick-drop shank below eye allows for rigging fat-headed baits, and maximum gap allows for improved hook sets because of better bait clearance. Ideal for both fresh and saltwater fishing, features include a Twistlock Centering-Pin Spring attached to the hook eye, maximum gap, a XXX-strong forged shank, super needle point, and black chrome finish.

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Owner Beast Hook w/ Twistlock

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Owner Beast 4/0 3pk-1 $5.49
Owner Beast 6/0 3pk-1 $6.99
Owner Beast 8/0 3pk-1 $6.99
Owner Beast 10/0 2pk-1 $6.99

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Comments: I tried these on my beloved Keitech swim baits - that have notoriously fragile  heads on them when rigged weightless on a reg EWG hook.  One or two fish and gen the heads split - rendering them almost useless - with a little glue - you MIGHT get a few more fish out of them.  BUT when rigged on this twist-lock Beasthook - I was AMAZED how much longer they lasted!!!  When using them on weighted jigheads - gluing them helps a lot - BUT when throwing them weightless in the shallows or my favorite way of rigging - on a hook with a bullet weight (NOT pegged..lol - hint hint)  the EWG hook doesn't do much for their durability. THE OWNER BEAST TWIST LOCK HOOK cures THAT in a big hurry - PLUS the BIG belly in the hook allows for more clearance/better hook ups if the bait balls up on the strike - no telling WHAT gyrations a fish will go through on a strike!! On a recent even on Cayuga Lake - I had an early morning shallow area - patches of weed cover - and I made LONG casts with my swimbait rigged weightless -  crawling it off the tops of weed patches + swimming it inbetween.  I made 4 casts and had TWO fish -  4 1/2 and  5 1/2 lb largemouths!!  The strikes were VICIOUS - from big fish - and that swimbait was still ready to go for more fish - even after those two big fish got done mauling it.  I thought that was pretty impressive.

From: Barb: Richland, NY 9/6/14

Comments: These work great. The twistlock (Screw-in keeper with centering pin) design is second to none. I throw a lot of swim baits like Skinny Dippers & Naked Swimmers, and I typically use the Owner hooks with them the most, to great effect. Caught a 7.5 pounder yesterday with a 6 ought Owner Twistlock hook... Love these.

From: Shawn: Tampa, FL USA

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