Owner CPS Spring

Owner CPS Spring

The Owner CPS Spring allow any soft bait to be secured to the hook by inserting the pin in the center of the bait's nose, then screwing the bait onto the coil spring to rig perfectly everytime. As featured on the Owner Twistlock hooks, these interchangeable stainless steel Centering Pin Springs (CPS - Patent Pending) have far superior holding power, as compared with barbed stick-pin holders. Three sizes allow for maximizing holding strength for any size bait.

8 per pack

Size Outside Diameter
Small 1/8"
Medium 3/16"
Large 1/4"

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Owner CPS Spring Small 50pk $16.99 8
Owner CPS Spring Small 8pk $3.39 10+
Owner CPS Spring Medium 50pk $16.99 10+
Owner CPS Spring Medium 8pk $3.39 10+
Owner CPS Spring Large 45pk $16.99 10+
Owner CPS Spring Large 8pk $3.39 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: They should make an XL size that's 1/2" long for larger swimbaits. Even the large 1/4" size pulls out of a 5" swimbait 99% of the time on a hookset.

From: Big J: NY 7/18/16

Comments: Great product!!  Get your paddletail swimbaits rigged up quick and straight with these..they hold onto your swimbaits nose really well if you match the right size spring to the size of bait.

From: Ryan: San Diego, CA

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