The Owner Cultiva Gobo Popper spits and chugs along the surface with an eye-catching holographic foil finished that can't be ignored. Equipped with sticky sharp twin Owner ST-31 Cutting Point Treble Hooks, the Owner Cultiva Gobo Popper features a rattling moving weight system that extends cast and creates a unique underwater frequency. Fitted with "living eyes" and a feathered trailer hook, the Owner Cultiva Gobo Popper has the look and action that attracts the BIG bites. Include Owner Stinger-31 Cutting Point Trebles.

Cultiva Length Weight Class Hooks Line
Gobo Pop 2-3/8" 1/5oz. Surface #8 8-12lb

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: For the price you cannot beat these.  20 dollars gets you two rather than spending 20 to 30 on a single popper.  The have great action and catch fish period.  If they made a white with chartreuse stripe pattern this bait would be even more killer.  Thumbs up on price and performance.

From: Luke: CA

Comments: this is a good popper bass love then, first time i' tide one and actually learned how to use it # 5 small bass on the first 30 minutes it works great .

Comments: The Gobo Popper is a fairly unique lure, that has remained virtually unchanged for about ten years.  It now comes with ST-36 needle point hooks instead of the ST-31 cutting point hooks.  This popper produces less noise and water disturbances than your average 1/4 oz. poppers of similar size.  It also sits level and slighly lower on the water surface.  This lure also has an amazing stable cast and can easily outdistance other 1/4 oz poppers, eventhough it's a 1/5 oz popper. 

From: Slipperybob: Lil' CA\an, MN

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