The Cultiva Mira Vibe 60 is a "super sonic" lipless crank with a shad-shaped body that rides nose-down, rattles, and wiggles on the retreive. The Mira Vibe 60 features a detailed, reflective finish, and realistic patterns. Each bait is rigged with twin #6 Owner ST-36 Super Needle Point trebles.

Cultiva Length Weight Class Belly Hook Tail Hook Line Recommendation
Mira Vibe 60 2-3/8" 1/3oz. Sinking #6 Owner ST-36 Super Needle Point Trebles #6 Owner ST-36 Super Needle Point Trebles 8-12lb

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Great little crankbait, the Black Pearl color has worked great for me, specially when the bite is tough. I've caught more fish with it that with any of my other lipless baits.

From: Martin: Ventura, CA

Comments: I was gonna say the same as the dude below me...looks fresher than the new Bentley, but I cant buy a damn bite on it.

From: meatwad: not hapy to be ownin this owner

Comments: Another one of those lures that looks great, is built well, swims perfect, great price, that I have NEVER gotten a hit on. Some things I just can't figure out. They hit other lipless baits..

From: Craig: Sunrise, FL

Comments: Awesome bait,chartreuse works the best for me.Buy it!!!

From: Seattle, WA

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