The Owner Cultiva Zip'n Ziggy skips, slides, darts and walks-the-dog with the slightest provocation. Its slightly arched body helps it impart easy topwater action - calling fish up to the surface. Available in a range of colors, the Owner Cultiva Zip'n Ziggy features a reflective foil finish, and is rigged with two Owner ST-31 Cutting Point treble hooks.

Owner Cultiva Length Weight Class Hooks Line Recommendation
Zip'n Ziggy 3.25" 1/3oz. Surface #8 Owner ST-31 Cutting Point Trebles 8-12lb

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The best top water bait you will ever buy. End of story.

From: Dennis: Durban, South Africa

Comments: Perhaps one of the deadliest but also unknown topwater lures on the market.  I have fished spook style baits from Lucky Craft, Megabass, Daiwa and Heddon. While I have had success on all of them the the action of the Zip'n Ziggy and its smaller size out fishes three to one on river Smallmouth in California.  I will have the same fish strike this bait three times on a single retrieve until they engulf it.  This lure has landed hundreds of quality fish for me over the years.  A true bargain for the price with superb quality.

From: Rory: Windsor, CA

Comments: Summer smallmouth loves it. I bought them couple years ago as JDM version, just hope TW has more color choices.

From: Jerry: Central, PA

Comments: This is a great little finesse walking bait.  It has been largely overlooked by mainstream surface plug addicts; however, the Zip N'Ziggy can be a real killer when the fish reject a larger profile spook or popper.  I have had great results from it in Georgia and Florida on largemouth and also inshore species like snook, spotted seatrout and redfish.  The snook especially love it.  Give this one a try!

From: Forrest: GA

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