Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings

Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings

The Owner Hyper Wire Split Ring absolutely cannot be straightened out. Originally designed for saltwater applications, these super split rings are finding more and more uses for freshwater anglers who put a lot of stress on their equipment. Use the Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings on big swimbaits for bass or for northerns, muskies, or macks. Instead of tying directly to the eye of any bait, more natural movement is allowed with the use of a split ring. Try these Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings whenever you are catching oversized fish.

Size inside dia. (mm) inside dia. (in) outside dia. (mm) outside dia. (in)
#2 4 0.157 5 0.197
#3 4.5 0.177 6 0.236
#4 5 0.197 7 0.276
#5 5.5 0.217 7.5 0.295
#6 6 0.236 8 0.315
#7 7 0.276 9 0.354
#8 8 0.315 11 0.433

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Owner Hyper Wire Split Ring #2 37lb 16pk $3.99 10+
Owner Hyper Wire Split Ring #3 45lb 14pk $3.99 10+
Owner Hyper Wire Split Ring #4 50lb 12pk $3.99 10+
Owner Hyper Wire Split Ring #5 60lb Test 9pk $3.99 10+
Owner Hyper Wire Split Ring #6 70lb Test 8pk $3.99 10+
Owner Hyper Wire Split Ring #7 80lb Test 7pk $3.99 10+
Owner Hyper Wire Split Ring #8 120lb 7pk $3.99 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These split rings are a great replacement for standard stock rings. Strong, reliable, and affordable, this is a upgrade I can invest in. Sizes 2,3,4,5 fit most lures ranging from 1/4 ounce through 1 ounce. While sizes 6,7, and 8 fit larger lures and magnum flutter spoons. This is my number one "all round" best choice for split rings. Good Fishing!

From: Kenneth - Cadiz, KY 2/2/17

Comments: Looks good and strong as heck is a win-win for me. Owner is well-known for quality products. You can't go wrong using these split rings from them.

From: Chuong: San Jose, CA 12/16/14

Comments: Got the #2 size to replace the trash that came on RC STX baits. Weigh the same as those, 1.2 grains, but definitely stronger and kind of sexy. Much better option for tuning the RC STX than the eagle claw ones tacklewarehouse also sells, those ones in the same size weigh 1.4 grains and limit you more on hook options for that perfect suspension. And another note, this work great for that oversized split ring for the line tie on that bait. The original weighed 1.9 grains and was too large for my liking, this really helped when heavier hooks were used in comparison to the tiny hooks (Mustad KVD Elite Round Bend #6 and/or Owner ST-36BC #6).

From: B: NE 3/30/14

Comments: Nice helpful feedback guy below.  And yeah, the smaller rings are black; size #5 and above are as pictured.  AWESOME rings!

From: AC: CA

Comments: Best split rings you can buy period.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: Very strong.  I use these to replace the split rings on all of my big swimbaits.

From: Jon: WY

Comments: These are the best split rings you can buy !!  They stand up to powerful saltwater species with no problem.

From: John: Plant City, FL

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