Owner Snagless Snap

Owner Snagless Snap
Featuring Owner's patented design, the Owner Snagless Snap is engineered so that no sharp wire edges protrude to snag lines. Its streamlined construction also allows it to make its way through weeds and grass without loose or floating debris clinging to it and spoiling your presentation. Featuring a black matte finish, the Owner Snagless Snap delivers premium performance and durability. Owner - for every fisherman who demands the very best.

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Owner Snagless Snap 2 30lb 10pk $3.19 10+
Owner Snagless Snap 3 50lb 9pk $3.19 8

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Got these for frog fishing. Just tried out both the 30 and 50 lbs today. Only found one frog hook they would fit thru and none of my worm hooks. Do fit thru the split rings on cranks and the like, but you don't need snagless on those. Good idea but you had better have an awful big eye on the hook.

From: Fred: East TN

Comments: Best snap out there.  Tough as nails, never had one come unbuttoned on me.  The bigger one is hardly any bigger, so if you want a little more security go big.  I use the 30 lb most of the time, unless I am doing something high contact like crankbaits in the trees.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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