Owner Stinger Harness Rig 3pk

Owner Stinger Harness Rig 3pk
The Owner Stinger Harness Rig is designed to eliminate short strikes and improve your hook up ratio. The Stinger harness rig features a length of super tough 80-lb. braided line, terminating at one end with a large loop and at the other with our EZ-Snap (dual interlocking), to which is attached an Owner ST-36 Treble hook.

To rig, simply pass the loop through the eye of any hook, then pass the treble through the loop and cinch the rig down against the eye for either a top side or under side rigging of the bait. The snap allows for a convenient change of treble hook sizes.

3 rigs per pack

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Owner Hooks Pro-Staffer Byron Velvick used the #4 Stinger Harness Rig on his Rago BV 3D Swimbaits en route to winning the Clear Lake BASS Elite series event. Byron noted the Stinger Harness Rigs helped him boat some short striking fish. His whopping 98-06 4 day total beat second place by over 6 lbs!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: had these rigged on the jerry rago skt swimmers and hooked up with one around 8, the snap broke and lost the fish. this only happened once out of around 50 fish. overall a great product.

From: Brad: Conroe, TX 12/3/14

Comments: I was with Byron Velvick on Smith Mountain Lake and he used these hooks on all his swimbaits. After seeing him hook bass on the stinger more than the main hook I was sold on these. They have proven to be worth their weight in gold and will last fish after fish. The size 4 is 4.5" and the size 6 is 3.5. I prefer size 4 on swimbaits longer than 5" Just do me a favor and don't buy them all, I hate it when I see only 1 in stock!

From: John: Dixfield, ME

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