Owner Twistlock Finesse Hook 4pk

Owner Twistlock Finesse Hook 4pk

Giving sticky sharp a whole new meaning, the Owner TwistLock Finesse Hook Is practically weightless as well.  Perfect for finesse presentations on lines up to 8 lbs., the bend and shank of the TistLock Finesse Hook act like a keel to keep small and light baits perfectly balanced.  The unique Centering Pin Spring (CPS - patent pending) also allows baits to be rigged quickly and perfectly straight every time.

4 per pack

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The light gauge wire is perfect for thin body, 3 and 4 inch finesse style worms and swim baits,  like Robo worms and the Keitech Swing Impact, because it makes such a small hole in the body of the lure when it is rigged. As with all Twist Lock hooks, the screw in holder keeps the tip of plastics tight to the eye of the hook, and as an Owner hook, it has a durable tack sharp tip. The only limitation would be fishing cover like Coontail or Milfoil, where the hook might bend out when fighting a fish. In open water, it is ideal.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ

Comments: great hook best ive ever used i have had the trokar hooks and these work just as well

From: Eric: San Diego, CA

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